Taken Out turning Japanese

taken out 2It was unable to work in Australia, but the dating format Taken Out, will launch later this month in Japan.

Under the name Take Me Out, it has since travelled to Denmark, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Spain, and has recently been commissioned by ITV in the U.K.

The format was developed by FremantleMedia in France, and was first commissioned in Australia hosted by James Kerley for TEN.

Patrick Schult, the CEO of FremantleMedia Asia, said: “Take Me Out is really gathering some momentum internationally. It’s a unique, fun and modern dating show which is very visually appealing.

Take Me Out has captured the attention of audiences around the world, and we are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the program in Japan.”

Source: World Screen


  1. Great News…..As a past unsuccessful contestant who got buzzed out by every girl on there i will be on the first plane to Japan to try and right my wrongs.

  2. I reckon they should give it another chance, with an improved format and a later timeslot. Only problem is, where would they put it. Maybe 7:00 on GO!? I’ve watched some of the episodes which have only aired on Foxtel and they are better in quality then the episodes that were shown on Ten.

  3. It could have done better.All You People with Young Children who rely on the Simpsons as a Babysitting Service and The Friends Fans are to blame.Who wants to see an outdated cartoon or long dead american sitcoms when one can have a home grown show that is fresh and exciting

  4. yeh agree with you criag, i think it could of worked as a 1hour a week show, cos it was actually a good show. I use to enjoy it, found it quite entertaining

  5. by visually appealing does Mr Schult mean that its a good perv….? ill be interested to see who ITV get to host it, they have tried a few new dating shows since Blind Date finished about 5 years ago but none of them have caught on. I think the mistake TEN made here was stripping it 5 nights a week, it may have done better 1 hour once a week.

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