Tangle launch

katsTangle had a media launch in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens last night, a city away from the actual setting of the upcoming Showtime drama: Melbourne.

But Showtime was keen to win over the Sydney media, with many of their Southern counterparts already familiar with the show, thanks to its extensive shoot.

To air on October 1st, the introspective drama comes from the makers of Love My Way with a formidable cast including  Kat Stewart, Matt Day, Catherine McClements and Joel Tobeck who were all in attendance. Co-stars Justine Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn were unable to attend.

“It’s the kind of show I’d watch,” Kat Stewart told AAP.

“I love the complexity of the characters. I love the way it’s filmed, I love the performances and the way it doesn’t let you off the hook. There aren’t clear goodies and baddies.

“I’m really happy with it.

“But having said that I can’t really relax when I’m watching myself.”

Tangle is a 10 part drama built around family relationships. It was created by producers John Edwards, Imogen Banks and writer Fiona Seres, who has scripted the series with Tony McNamara. Its three top-notch directors include Jessica Hobbs, Matt Saville and Stuart McDonald.

Source: NineMSN, AAP

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