TEN drops Sarah Wilson from MasterChef 2

Sarah Wilson was lovely in MasterChef Australia. But really, what was she given to do? TEN bites the bullet.

sw1It’s a case of saying what we were all thinking. Yes Sarah Wilson was lovely in MasterChef Australia. But really, what was she given to do?

Now the network has decided she won’t be back for the series in 2010.

The series will be without host.

TEN’s David Mott said, “Sarah Wilson has been an invaluable member of the MasterChef Australia team and she will be missed.

“This decision has been a hard one to make but it became clear the appropriate role for Sarah was not achievable without dramatically changing the format.

“Sarah has an impressive background with abilities that far outweighed her duties on the show. All parties agree another series that limited her input and expertise was not the best outcome.”

A diplomatic Wilson said, “It’s a wonderful, enriching honour to have been part of MasterChef, a show that’s shifted television in such an uplifting and inclusive way. I applaud TEN for bringing the show to Australian screens in the first place, and for making the difficult decision regarding my role.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have played a founding role in the ‘MasterChef effect’, as it’s been dubbed, and will be bringing the same positive dynamic to my next project.”

The announcement, strategically broken late on a Friday afternoon, when its impact will be less analysed, follows Wilson not being returned for Celebrity MasterChef.

Many observed that across the series the judges served as hosting roles, including a key moment when Gary Mehigan stepped in to talk through a moment when a contestant was quitting the show on air. In any other show it would have been the host who led both contestant and audience through this story point.

TEN says it will continue to use Wilson as a guest in shows, but names only The Spearman Experiment.

She is said to be considering another television project, though it isn’t evident if this is with TEN if it happens.

She continues print and radio commitments elsewhere.

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  1. I hough shewas under-utilised in the show, but she was a great person.

    I’d love to see her host TBL. She seems like the hos that can take a ‘back seat’ and let the focus be on the contestants, whilst adding to the show in ways that don’t necessarily put the spotlight on herself.

  2. Come on Sarah was great.In fact did it with such ease/poise that she made it look easy.Keep in mind she did exactly what she was supposed to do.We should stop and think about the quality and how she “came across”,presented herself and that’s all that matters.Sarah has a great future.master chef 1 was a roaring success,so what the??.

  3. I agree with greysfan in that they should get rid of the Thursday night eliminations. This show is about finding the best cook and I wonder if the outcome may have been different if contestants weren’t voted off because they were a bad leader for the team or because they are a threat.

  4. Mia Freedman… Lisa Wilkison… Sarah Wilson…

    Any morning show’s, early show’s afternoon show’s or ‘catch-up’s’ in the pipeline and need some panel member/hosts…

    Sarah Wilson’s tv career is taking of… watch this space

  5. Sorry guys, I meant she should Host the tbl. LOL.
    She should really host the biggest loser:
    1. she’s nice
    2. unrobotic like ajay
    3. probably understands and doesn’t take over the show.
    Good enough reasons and viewers grew to like her.

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