TV Burp may yet regurgitate

Contrary to some rumours, Ed Kavalee's show has not been axed. Could it return to late nights?

Ed-KavaleeLast night was the final episode in the current block of TV Burp, Ed Kavalee’s local version of Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

While the show hasn’t exactly set the ratings world on fire, it’s not without its fans or indeed its charms.

The show has also had no less than three timeslot changes in its short life: 9pm, 8:30 and 9:30.

Contrary to some rumours, the show has not been axed.

TV Tonight hears Seven is interested in returning the show, potentially in a later slot, but there are some production issues to address first. One is the expense it takes for researchers / writers to source material. They deserve a medal for sitting through some of that crap in the hope of finding a moment to add to the running sheet. Editing would also be a big factor.

And then there’s the question of whether it really needs a studio audience.

TV Burp is the kind of show that could settle nicely into a late night slot without so much pressure, and might be worth repackaging without the need to be such a punchline show.

The more expensive Double Take on the other hand doesn’t seem to have offered anything particularly new in the sketch comedy genre. It may well have scared commercial networks off taking a similar risk for some time…

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  1. Just to let you know that this is a great show and Channel 7 should put it back on! me and my mates miss it and i don’t understand how Channel 7 put re-runs of Double Take sometimes and they don’t even put this show back on! Its ridicules! Put TV Back On Please!

  2. Glad to see this gone. This show became nothing more than a platform for Channel 7 to hang cheap laughs on other networks. “Nothing is sacred” yet they dedicate entire episodes to bagging out Ch9 and Ch10 and in fact the only time they mention a Ch7 program is when it’s used as free cross-over advertising.

    The canned laughter was awful too. You know a show is bad when you can’t even get a live audience to laugh at your jokes. For the love of god Ed, stick to radio.

  3. I used to tape it as I had football training on a Thursday night… it was probably the only funny show on TV (the only one I laughed out loud to anyway).. This gets cancelled and two and a half men is on 50 times a day the world truly is unfair!

  4. I loved TV Burp. I hung out for it all week! I resent comments that the show was trying to be like E!’s ‘The Soup’. Tv Burp was clever with a wonderfuly entertaining, Charming, humerous and attractive host. I really hope they bring it back! If not, I will start a petition to bring it back!

  5. Each and every Thursday for the past 5 weeks I have based my whole entire night around the TV Burp episode.

    It was seriously the best thing on TV which is ironic because it parodies TV shows. I have never laughed so hysterically during a show until I watched TV Burp. Pure Genius.

    When I discovered this week it wasn’t on I was devastated, but now that I know it may make a reappearence I am very relieved.

    Reminising on the show and I can think of so many moments of laughter. For now I will need to re-watch it on Youtube

  6. At least this show made me laugh … more than i can say for the other so called comedy on TV (except maybe Double Take) … again, the good shows are mistreated by the networks … so very, very tired of their stupidity …

  7. The audience helps to decide what makes it in the show and what gets cut.

    This might come as a shock to some of the haters but not everything that gets recorded makes it into the episode. Some is cut for time I’m sure but also if something doesn’t get a good reaction from the audience it won’t make it to the final edit.

    I personally wouldn’t mind no audience but it does reduce the in-studio/immediate feedback the creative team gets to the content.

    I also have no doubt that some of the laughter is “canned”, because like every non-live show it is edited between shooting and going on air and they record some clean laughter track to drop in, but I’m sure it’s not just pasted in willy-nilly over every gag.

  8. Love, love, love this show!! It’s guaranteed to have me in tears of laughter. I’ve watched it every week despite the time-slot changes and have never been disappointed. Please Channel 7, do not get rid of this! As far as people saying it’s canned laughter… I’ve never once thought it was canned… easily a studio audience. Do they need it…? To me it wouldn’t make a difference.

  9. Nice fresh show with a funny host. I hope it will be back soon. You can keep double take, its lame and very much the same as we haveseen about 20 years ago in the comedy company and fast forward. We have evolved from that.

  10. Hey I loved them both. Maybe I just like Amanda Bishop, she had some excellent one-off sketches, but I also love Moot Review with Kerry Armslength. They were promoting the benefits of Asbestos last week … priceless.

  11. I hope they decide it’s more suitable to late night slot as this show clearly has an cult-like following…

    As mentioned, the more expensive, and little to offer, Double Take should never have made it to air.

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