Vampire Diaries, Apprentice repeats on Nine

vdIf you missed The Vampire Diaries yesterday on GO! (and with all the content on offer most people did) Nine has suddenly announced it will air tonight on Nine.

It’s slated for 10:30pm in place of Little Britain.

Just 147,000 saw the premiere on its two screenings on GO!

Nine has also added a repeat of The Apprentice Australia on Wednesday night at 10pm, on top of repeats already planned this coming weekend.

The Vampire Diaries will also have a replay on GO! Thursday night at 10:30pm in place of Side Order of Life.


  1. i’ve watched all of the screenings of vampire diaries and the more i watch it the more i like it, so i’d recommend that people watch it again before dismissing it, and the preview for ep2 looks really good so give it a fair go.

  2. Being a huge fan of True Blood and a passionate hater of Twilight, I didn’t have high expectations for VD. But after watching it on GO, I was pleasantly surprised. The characters and the actors playing them are far more engaging than the kids in Twilight, who seem completely devoid of any emotion. The three leads have good chemistry, so I’m hoping the show picks up the pace a bit more now that we’ve had the intro episode.

    Hope people give it a go before ditching it after the first episode.

  3. I watched VD on nine and it was ok and watchable.Not as good as True Blood but that’s a hard act to follow…Nine should have advertised VD more than they did.
    I only found out it was on by accident while I was channel surfing.It wasn’t advertised in my TV guide….How about putting it on at 9.30 instead of 10.30?????

  4. Wish they’d show it again. Their online guide must have had the wrong time and I recorded the 12am repeat on GO that was on Monday. It must have started earlier though and I missed the replay on 9 last night.

  5. @RichoTB: But I can’t let it GO! … everyone I know who sees it here loves it … and is not so impressed with Vampire Diaries … and we all fit into their target demo … I suggest it may have been because of what is up against it in the same time slot … again i say, replace Mischa and give it another go (a fair go) … Please!!!!!!!

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