Vampire Diaries: It’s all about Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder's "bad" vampire is the good news on Vampire Diaries, according to US reviews.

the-vampire-diariesThe Vampire Diaries premiered in the US this week and the reviews suggest it’s pretty to look at, slight, but enough to warrant another look.

Variety said:
Unwilling to wait until “Twilight” turns ashen before tapping into the teen vampire bank, CW pops out this slick but slight variation on bloodsucker lore with its own (hopefully) swoon-inducing leads. Producer Kevin Williamson doesn’t stray far from his roots in concocting what amounts to “Dawson’s Teeth,” but the show hits all the requisite notes — and gets a major infusion of adrenaline when “Lost” alum Ian Somerhalder finally arrives as the “bad” vampire. Of course, this small-town drama could easily run dry (heh heh) pretty quickly, but the premiere sinks its fangs in deep enough to warrant a second look.

NY Times said:
At first look “The Vampire Diaries” has the feel of something more permissive and less morally rigid than the “Twilight” franchise, which certain sophisticated 14-year-olds I’ve known will disparage as they march back to their rooms to read the Brontës or “The Bell Jar.” But the show subtly delivers its own lessons: that indiscriminate sex is emotionally destructive, that developing mechanisms of resistance builds character. As Elena tells her substance-abusing brother, “I’m going to be there to ruin your buzz every time.”

Chicago Tribune said:
Sure, given the name, I suppose an actual diary was bound to make an appearance, but it’s hard to take seriously a fictional world in which a teen girl writes melodramatic jottings in her journal. Maybe I’m just old and that’s all the rage among the kids these days. Even so, there are bigger problems here. I expected more sparky wordplay from a Williamson show, but the “Vampire Diaries” pilot is pretty limp and lifeless in that department. The attractive cast is… attractive. Let’s be kind and say that they are not all blessed with the same level of competence in the acting department.

NY Daily News said:
In overall tone, “Diaries” tilts more toward menace than humor – which could create either fascinating romantic tension or the bad feeling that someone’s neck is always about to get tapped like a maple tree in syrup season. By staking turf between “True Blood” and “Twilight,” “Vampire Diaries” hopes it has found the promised land. The danger is it could also be no man’s land.

The series airs on GO! next month.

Meanwhile Glee‘s second episode took strong ratings this week. As with Australia, the US had its sneak peek months ago with the pilot. As a result there aren’t too many reviews this week although Variety did take another look saying:

Talk about one-hit wonders. The promise and energy associated with the debut of “Glee” last spring largely evaporates in previewing two additional hours, where the musical numbers — generally less infectious and buoyant than the first time out — can’t compensate for overly broad characterizations and absurdly soapy situations. A few genuinely human moments emerge, but the series too often undermines the likability quotient of its cast, leaving the audience relatively little to latch onto. Put simply, “Glee” strikes too many sour notes for a series with precious little margin for error.

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  1. I also think it is like a cross between Twighlight and Harpers Island …with all the mist and people dying when they wander alone in the woods … I don’t think even the teens that it is aimed at will stay engaged in this one as the characters, apart from two, are very weak and the actors are lacking in “star” quality … they fade into the backgraound and do not hokk the audience … not up to CW’s standard of hits like Smallville.

  2. True Blood is more for Mature Teens to Adults, where as the Vampire Diaries is for teens and young adults. Comparing the two shows would prove difficult given the explicit scenes shown in True Blood, that won’t ever make it on The Vampire Diaries.

    I have been a fan of the books since the early 90’s…Although they changed a fair bit…I’m also wanting to know where they are taking the story and what parts of the plot they will stick to.

  3. I have heard this has a lot of unintentional comedy gold like Young Americans, which also starred Ian Somerhalder, so I am looking forward to having a cackle. Melodramatic teens in love are always hilarious.

  4. cbs would be pi**ed that they cut moonlight now, just a few months to early
    did not like the show but still since then twilight , true blood and now this from a network they own 50% with WB hmmmmmmm

  5. Another bunch of angst ridden, predictabe, moody teenagers that detract from the strength of the core story … if it were not for the Vampires it would be very dull … takes itself Far too seriously … True Blood is much, much better …

  6. @Lou D So I guess he wouldn’t be too impressed if I told him he looked hot!! 😉

    As Boone [Lost], Ian was awesome, and given I like vampires, I might give this a go if GO! ever comes to Foxtel.

  7. Nine should be looking to market the program now as heavily as possible before its October screening. Alot of positive spin is surrounding the program, not to mention it launched to The CW’s highest-ever premiere numbers for a scripted program
    4.837 million
    2.1 rating in adults 18-49
    2.3 rating in adults 18-34
    Nine would be extremely pleased to get some strong demo numbers with VD on GO!

  8. Ian Somerhalder received a great backlash when on the dvd commentary track to his film the “Rules of Attraction” he showed “disgust” to the idea of two men kissing and being gay.

    Shant be watching this show if he’s the main focus.

  9. I liked them both. TVD had a different start than I thought it would, darker than say Buffy but no where near what happens in True Blood. It could work but I guess time will tell, at least on the CW (and GO! here) it’s likely to get more of a chance to run the season. Glee was also good it’s got some great characters.

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