Vampire Diaries, Melrose get good news

It isn't a full season pick-up yet but the CW Network is optimistically ordering more scripts on 2 new shows.

vampdThere is positive movement for The Vampire Diaries and Melrose Place this week from the US with more scripts ordered -but it’s not yet a full season pick-up.

The CW Network has ordered nine additional scripts for Vampire Diaries which is the closest step executives can take without committing to a full pick-up. Melrose has been granted six more scripts, following news of Heather Locklear joining the cast. This comes despite middling reviews and ratings.

The network also gave another full-season order to One Tree Hill, now in its seventh series. Season 6 returns to TEN from Saturday October 3rd.

No word yet on CW’s Ashton Kutcher-produced series Beautiful Life which had a modest premiere.

Earlier this week FOX’s Glee became the first show of the 2009 Fall season to win a full season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. One Tree Hill may be on at a s**t time but 4 true fans its awesome coz we get a chance 2 watch season 6 earlier coz the dvd dnt come out til later this year or whenever !
    One Tree Hill is the Best show ever !

  2. Can’t wait for Vampire Diaries this Monday on GO! Noticed that they’ve been advertising Vampire Diaries for GO! on channel 9 itself, which is a fairly smart move: to attract people to switch.

  3. Why it TEN bothering with OTH? They never completed season one or two, skipped season 3 and went to season 4 and 5 on TenHD, so only limited veiwers. Now they are on season 6, on a Saturday night, when hardley any of the target audience will be home to watch it?

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