1. re Hamish & Andy, what exactly does ‘Rove presents’ mean?

    I am willing to bet that H & A did all the editing themselves, presented it, took the trip themselves etc etc. I understand Roving Enterprises produced the show so shouldn’t it be ‘Roving Enterprises presents’?

    As far as I can tell Rove had nothing to do with it! (as evidenced by the decent ratings)

  2. Hamish and Andy did fantastic figures, well deserved. Ten should give them there own show, they do stupid stuff on there radio show everyday they could air it 30min weekly show after TBL and MC, it be awsome. Rush did well over 2 hours. If There 6 – 7.30 line up rated over 600k, ten could of won the night . I think Glee will either do a figure like 1.3 or tank. remeber no onw thought Merlin would work.

    Also going on Tuesday, maybe Spearman should of gone on Monday, or 6.30 sunday, slots where nine aren’t playing the original version of the show.

  3. Nana on the Couch

    David your absolutely right – pineapple chunks and TV should not be on the same page – I will never mention them again even if they appear in some ghastly creation on Masterchef – and only then if they appear in a flan.

    The main point of my post (is that the correct term) was to say how much we loved Humish and Andy last night – we would love to see both those cheeky boys in a caravan again very soon!

    Have a good weekend all – I promise only to talk TV too – nan x

  4. ohh please noo, we done need a show with hamish and andy!! 1 show every few yrs is enough! cant stand hamish’s voice, sounds like he’s holding his nose the whole time. and they aren’t even that funny. good figures for it though! but i wouldnt think it would hold up after more than 1 ep. nine did well last night! sucked in seven!!! lol.

  5. Pity about TAR. But it’s being killed by Gary Unmarried. They ought to scrap that and return TAR to 7.30. Hopefully the ratings don’t make Seven change their minds about the upcoming new season.

  6. Well done Hamish and Andy! They managed to pull 500,000 viewers in Melbourne, the first program to achieve the mark since the third last episode of MasterChef back in July 16. But, given the boys’ commitment to their own radio show, I am not sure if they have time to do a TV show?

  7. Another good thursday win to Nine and Seven coming third. Looks like H&A took away a lot of viewers from Getaway and stopping Nine from having an even bigger win.

    Shame to see TV Burp do so badly but hopefully Seven bring back their one entertaining local show.

  8. Wake up Channel 10!!!

    Can’t you see that you need to get put Hamish and Andy on their own show.

    Give them a one hour show, once a week and that will pump up your raitings for sure.

    I think they should be on every Thursday night at 7.30pm like last night. Their show was amazing! Loved it and look at the raitings.

    I know it was a once of thing but if you try it again i’m sure they’ll rate big. They are fantastic at hosts and do that awkward comedy to a tee like Shaun Micalef.

    Try it TEN. You’ve got nothing to loose.

    Give them their own show!!!

  9. Hooray! Ten picks up the silver medal thanks to Rush and Hamish and Andy. How Nine won the night I’ll never know with their appalling lineup and Seven was relegated to bronze as they still haven’t done anything to resuscitate Thursday. Speaking of Rush, what happened in Sydney last night? Melbourne flew, Sydney crashed.

  10. Nana on the Couch

    Nana here darls – well you won’t believe what happened to Maude and I last night – there we were watching Getaway’s tribute to America with those cheeky new hosts Humish and Andy when all of a sudden the whole Function Room here at the Twilight Home goes black. It seems Beryl from the High Care Facility up the corridor wanted to make herself a toasted ham, cheese and pineapple sandwich – poor Beryl, instead of using a tin of pineapple chunks pulled out a tin of pineapple juice and empty it all over our new jaffle maker – naturally the whole place went up. Beryl’s fine apart from third degree burns to the tips of her fingers but we had to sit in the dark for three hours waiting for someone to take us back to our rooms – there’s only so many times you can play ‘ I spy with my little eye’ in the dark with 20 seniors.

    Anyway we wanted to tell you how much we loved those two new reporters Humish and Andy and their Getaway ride around America – must say we didn’t miss that Catriona Rowntree at all – her voice can just be a tad annoying don’t you think? After last night’s dreadful accident, Maude and I are now sitting comfortably watching Kerry Anne on the portable until all power is restored in the facility – dear old Kerry Anne – she still doesn’t look a day over 30 – will stay in touch..Nana x

  11. Ten need to get their US series fast-tracked … moreso than Seven and Nine. I mean, two times behind the ABC in one week. House, Merlin and Law and Order should help to rise the ratings.

    I don’t mind waiting for shows to be shown in Australia if there is a justifiable reason (current programmes are of high quality and rating well), but rating like crap and still holding shows back is just suicidal … Showing these US shows now gives Ten a good chance for next year, they get the extra revenue now to spend on some quality shows so they don’t have this problem next year …

  12. Isn’t Hot Seat supposed to be Australia’s fastest growing game show. It seems to be going backwards at the moment. Great numbers for S&S and congrats on the 200th milestone. Seven should start winning Wednesday’s again next week with City Homicide slipping into the 8.30pm slot with Criminal Minds pushing back an hour. Thanks to ozzie and James for the info on the netball.

  13. @Ryan

    yes Merlin airs on Saturday night BBC One, but we dont call it “fantasy night” its true that Doctor Who, Merlin & Robin Hood all air in a similar time slot, across the year, but the entire night is not devoted to Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows, also in the night, is a reality show, a quiz show (featuring the lottery draws) and the medical drama Casualty.

    I think BBC America have a “fantasy night”.

    Neighbours did well last night, put on an extra 100,000 viewers, most unusual, saved the show from what was going to be a pitiful weekly average

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