Week 38


1 Ten's AFL Finals 2009: 2nd Prelim. Final Gee V Col Ten 1,449,000 2 Nine News Saturday Nine 1,254,000 3 Rugby League Final Series SF2 Nine 1,037,000 4 Australia's Funniest Home Videos Nine 1,036,000 5 Seven News Seven 901,000

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  1. Less than 600K nationally for The 7pm Report on Friday. Ouch!!!! Terrible numbers! The Wallabies have been garbage for years now, and with numbers like that, I doubt whether their presence on free-to-air TV is going to last much longer. Agree with other posters about Last Chance Surgery. That is not entertainment, it is ghoulish voyeurism. Awful concept for a TV show, I wouldn’t be caught dead (no pun intended) watching it.

  2. well done ten! sucked in 7! its about time seven went down crashing! now it just has to happen more often and i will be happy:) tonight will be interesting with rove’s kool ep with everyone returning and idol in its new slot

  3. Seven’s ratings yesterday was not helped by the Wallabies’ poor effort in the Bledisloe Cup rugby union clash against the All Blacks in New Zealand. People stayed away from the match and switched to Nine News and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. If the Wallabies’ poor form continue, then their presence on free-to-air TV could not be guaranteed.

  4. Rugby Union cost Seven the night and the week (although Seven did beat Nine since Nine needed another channel’s figures, GO!, to make it a “Nine win”). why does Seven persist with RU in primetime when its figures are so miniscule?

  5. seven tanked on saturday. Even with the good result 10 got on saturday, they still managed to get less points than last week. Total viewers for Deal and Hotseat has dropped by 300-400 thousand for the last 3 weeks. Friday was terrible, under 1.2 million for a combined total, I guess fatigue has set in for both shows.

  6. Last Chance Surg..i can not understand, who, on earth would want to watch such a depressing and morbid show. What is wrong with these people who look at this?

    This is not entertainment but similar to gawking at car crashes as you drive by. 1,000,000 people watch this, well i seriously hope i never run into those people on the street or worse still, know any (im pretty sure i don’t).

    What is wrong with people watching stuff like this?? What next..top ten worst fatal car crashes caught on camera / top ten on camera shootingS (where all participants died of course) / ..and im sure 1,000,000 sickos would watch it.

  7. Seven must seriously be worried. Bar the hourlong ep on Monday, Deal in Brisbane hasn’t even gone over 130k all week. The major effect of the Extra axing is now well and truly being felt, that being that 200k is no longer achievable, in that key slot in Brisbane, where Extra often dominated Deal.

    If I were running BTQ, I’d be planning to move Deal to 5pm in the short term, and get a local product on screen, to regain some momentum, and save face.

  8. For what it’s worth, in the hope that TV programmers read these comments, I am annoyed that Channel 7 keeps moving City Homicide too. I don’t think it can be called a “flop”, always rating over 1 million people. And it’s far more polished and exciting than Rescue Special Ops. Is it because channel 7 doesn’t have good numbers on a Wednesday? Whatever the reason, CH has had 3 different nights! Give it a chance.

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