1. I really think TEN should stop with the crime shows. I love NCIS, Rush and am looking forward to NCIS LA but too many L&O’s. The UK series has fallen hard as have all the L&O Series except SVU when it was on Thursdays. Try something new!

  2. What happened to Without A Trace…. did they not split the 2 new episodes into individual shows? 554000 looks like the average of the 9:30 & 10:30 episode together

  3. frankie fox – the ratings are averaged out, so you would not take 2 half hour shows and just add them together to compare to a 1 hour show which has already been averaged. you would have to take both the 2.5 men figures, add them together and then divide by two, the average would be 1,126,000 which is thrashed by city homicide and strictest parents.

  4. Even your explanation makes no sense Frankie Fox. You’ve completely lost me, and I don’t think i’m the only one.

    You’re saying 2.5 Men thrashed World’s Strcitest – it didn’t, in fact it was the other way round.

    2.5 Men wasn’t even in the same slot as City Homicide, so how can you say it thrashed it? Especially when City Homicide had more viewers.

  5. Normal service resumes with Sunrise beating Today comfortably. Hot Seat seems to be turning into another Nine flop. They must be worried by it’s performance over the past couple of weeks. Another woeful performance by Ten. Note to The 7pm Project producers, Get rid of Hughesy!

  6. frankie fox said
    “city homicide and strictest parents are both 1hour shows, so i guess 2.5 men thrashed both shows”

    That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  7. ABC should have showed the Madonna episode of Star Stories that would have helped retain some of the audience of Spicks and Specks. The Simon Cowell episode is not one of the better ones.

  8. Maybe I’m becoming cynical as I age, but I cannot regard programs that occasionally use a patient’s last 2 hours on Earth as entertainment. Organ transplants are extremely important, but once again very low on the list as entertainment and as for programs stacked with so called financial wizards informing me to become rich and self sufficient by taking up pole dancing, what a frightening prospect. Despite this, all three shows attract over 1 million viewers each and every week….How and Why?

  9. City Homicide held most of its audience in the move to Wednesday, but still quite low. World’s Strictest UK doing quite well, easily beating 2.5 Men and Money for Jam which continues to shed viewers.

    Yet another shocking night for Ten, nothing over 1m with their highest rating show being The Simpsons repeat 2.

  10. @Trev “Magda was quoted as saying she may park her bike at Ten for a while. Going on last nights figures for Spearman it won’t be long before she’s on it again” Thats hilarious!

  11. Did we get any warning about L&O last night or did I miss the press release and they were too busy with the coming weeks with NCIS and such returning?

    The second L&O UK which I almost missed was one of the best things I’ve seen this year on TV, Freema Agyeman was fantastic and we got no promotion for it, that I saw! And on top of that we are left with no more L&O UK until TEN decides to return it. My ‘friend’ that I can usually rely on when the networks let me down can’t help this time either.

    Sorry for the rant!

  12. Agreed, Brad. My how people jump to conclusions on results which suddenly skew sharply from the norm. The tennis appears to have pushed Toady ahead of Sunrise over the two days.
    @Boy Wonder “After months of popping into the Today Show for a minute or two between commercials on Sunrise I realized a few days ago that I actually have a smile on my face when I watch Today” I guess we all know why you have a smile on your face. To the bat cave batman………..

  13. Why is GO! advertising The Wire as an Aussie first? Is the show still going?? Or did they realise ABC2 is actually giving it respect and thought they’d try and do the same now??

  14. Goodnight Spearman Experiment, and for all the people saying they should give Magda a proper set, Nine do the same thing with 20 to 1. I find Magda completely unfunny as a host and can someone explain to me why a repeat episode of 20 to 1 pulls almost 1.3million. That pranks and practical jokes episode has been on at least 3 times this year.

  15. omfg.. are those Glee ads starting to drive anyone else nuts? I’m so sick of it. They are Way over advertising it I think, it’s actually turning me off it.

  16. Said farewell to Simon and Maggie tonite. Simons spring rolls, Maggie’s barbecued pork, even Greg Grainger was hoeing into oysters, mud crabs, BBQ’d steak and wine on his Travel Oz.. Roll on Masterchef.

  17. Seeing those Spearman Experiment numbers pleases me no end. Hopefully Channel 10 should learns the lesson that you can’t trick people into watching a list show no matter how much Magda you flash about.

    Channel 9 know the lesson that people will watch a list show if you tell them straight up that it is a list show.

  18. I know it’s easy to criticise Nine for showing endless episodes of 2.5 men, and it’s become the ‘in’ thing to bag Nine (I do it all the time…:)). However there is a good reason why Nine keep showing 2.5 men…

    People keep watching. As long as people keep watching, Nine is going to keep scheduling it. Before they put it up against Big Brother last year, 2.5 men was summer filler, then Bang! It was top rating in it’s slot against the reality juggernaut and Home and Away. I blame Big Brother for 2.5 men 😛

    These things happen in cycles, eventually Nine will have to show something else, but why would they get rid of a show that rates 1.4 million? TEN would love to have most of their shows at 1.4 million. And Nine, for all the carp we throw at them for being hopeless, only lose weeks by a few percent, and quite often get the demos.

    It would be nice, though, to have them not chop and change so much, but that’s the reality.

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