Week 40


1 Seven News Seven 1,311,000 2 Nine News Nine 1,063,000 3 ABC News ABC1 1,046,000 4 Australia's Funniest Home Videos Nine 949,000 5 Heart And Soul ABC1 889,000

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  1. David i just read up about Mercy and apparently the whole show was supposed to be reshot but was rushed to the screen because of Parenthood being pushed back for obvious reasons. So what might have been a great show may turn out lukewarm instead.

  2. Was anyone else bothered by the size of 7’s Flash Forward promo watermark last night during Casino Royale?

    I thought there wer regulations surrounding how much screen real estate those things could take up?

    Everyone i’ve spoken to at work today agree’s it has no place in a movie. I feel there’s a bit of a slippery slope situation going on with this- started off with network logo’s, now moving into program promos. What next- animated network logo’s? Sure fire way to pi** off your audience Seven, it doesn’t make for pleasant viewing!

  3. Well i would have watched Who do you think you are last night, turned it over and sat down to watch, but then me mum started whingeing to watch idol, so i gave her the remote and let her watch that crap and went on the computer. 4th week now i haven’t watched a single thing on tv on Sunday night. Hurry up Seven and schedule somethign on Sunday, preferbaly Bones. I would watch Sunday Night, Border, The Force, and Who do you think you are, but there’s nothing on after so i just don’t bother watchign anything.

  4. Good to see Seven’s Sunday Nights holding strong against the very weak TEN and Nine. Nine got 21.2 last night without GO! ABC got 21.1, so much for Welcoming viewers home Nine.

    Sunday Night, Border Security, The Force and 007 are all great viewing. I love them all. Also Idol got round to watching it this morning and i dont know why i am bothering anymore. They are all crap. 2 of the singers who left, Ashleigh and Sabrina were great singers yet they are gone and so is the show. Nothing, oops noone is standing out.

    Tonight i expect some huge numbers from Seven. I expect Two and a Half Men and Mentalist both with Men in their name to faulter against Seven. I couldnt resist the urge to watch Flash Forward. Its one fantastic show i have watched the pilot 4 times already its that good. I think it will get 2.1m tonight. The promotional push has been huge. Mercy is the one i dont know about.

    1. Took a look at Mercy but didn’t get time to Review it as such. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some choices I quite liked: the girls looked dressed in real nurses uniforms, I liked the veteran actresses cast as head of the ward and as the lead’s mother, she also has an alcoholic family so I liked the flaws there. Other scenes were just silly and soapie. It’s no Nurse Jackie but it isn’t as sexed up as Grey’s (thank god). Could go either way.

  5. Idol is going nowhere fast, with yet another week where it fails to reach 1 million. It doesn’t even have the demographics argument to stand on, beaten by Border Security and The Force in 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

    Idol has been a massive fail this year Ten, back to the drawing board.

  6. Tuned in to the last 20 minutes of Idol waiting for Rove, and it wasn’t good at all, and I’m not just talking about the contestants. Did I hear Andrew G call Kathleen Turner a man? And poor Nine. Their big launch night and nothing they show after 6:30pm gets over a million.

  7. re: jay leno.

    7 have only on-sold premier rights to the comedy channel, not exclusive rights. there is still every chance that it will pop up somewhere. but most likely on a 2nd digital, and only if it’s future is secure, no point building an audience for something that will only last a few months.

  8. The best show on last night was “Who do you think you are?”, featuring Ron Barrassi for the start of the new series. The story of his father killed at Tobruk and the wife-murdering ancestor was fascinating.

  9. 1. The Jay Leno show is not that good in any case. Was better – even unmissable – years ago. 7 made the right choice. In the US, it has dropped 66% of its ratings on debut night.

    2. Considering the week ahead in TV, last night was a shocker and no wonder digital channels like GO and ONE are attracting so many more viewers on Sundays. GO 3.2 and ONE 2.5% – both higher than usual

    3. Always thought Neighbours at 5.30 would do well for ch 10, with news at 5 and again at 7, both half hour bullitens but with different emphasis. Sports Tonight at 6.30 maybe.

  10. I had the misfortune to watch Idol last night as well. God, this lot is shocking. How dreary were the songs? Uggghh!! Someone actually sang “When the Going Gets Tough”, one of the very worst songs of the 80’s – and they sang it so badly!! I can barely remember the other performances, they were so ordinary. No wonder the ratings have tanked big time. The absence of Kyle Sandliands has nothing to do with the ratings being bad, it is the mediocrity of the contestants. I really feel for the judges this year, as how on earth do you make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? Whoever the 2009 Idol will eventually be, I predict they will sink without a trace, like Casey Donovan, Kate and Natalie from years past. Ten definitely needs to, at the very least, rest this show for a season or two so it can build up buzz and momentum again or at the worst, just axe it and be done with it.

  11. I don’t get the fascination with the steaming pile-o-crap that is Midsommer Murders. It’s like a British version of Blue Heelers- every second person in the place wants to knock off their neighbour/lover/acquaintance! I tried it once after seeing the ratings and fell asleep.

    It bombs in the UK- considering it’s doing so well for ABC at the moment they’re very lucky it’s still being made.

  12. For some unknown reason I took another peak at Idol, I guess I couldn’t find a fork to stick in my eye at the time but, unbelievably, Idol has got worse. I feel sorry for the judges but then they chose this lot. Poor Ross Wilson tried his best but to no avail. I am definately sticking to Wipeout and Big Bang on Go !

  13. Jye seven had first pick rights to the Jay Lenno Show and declined them. As a result, its been picked up by foxtel and airs 7:30 weeknights on Comedey Channel. I think they should go

    4.30 The Bold and The Beautiful
    5.00 The 5pm Project *
    5.30 Ten News
    6.30 Neighbours
    7.00 Biggest Loser/ MasterChef/ New Format**

    *Squeezed Between bold and Ten News probably do simular figures to what its doing now at 7pm.
    ** Idol axed and replaced by a new 7pm strip program next.

  14. The patient approach with developng an audience for “Sunday Night” is paying off in spades for Channel 7. It’s a good show, I’m not surprised it is rating as well as it is. It is obvious that “Idol” is going to go nowhere this season and will have sub 1M audiences until the Final Four week. It may not even pick up for that, as it appears to have stalled permanently at sub 1M this year. For such a high profile, expensive program, that is failure. Worrying figures for “60 Minutes” and “Rescue: Special Ops”. I don’t think RSO will be given the plum 8.30pm Sunday slot if it returns for a second season.

  15. I have a good idea to lift Ten’s schedule –

    Assuming they had the rights to The Jay Leno Show, which I think would rate pretty well.

    For example tonight would be:
    4.30 The Bold and The Beautiful
    5.00 Neighbours
    5.30 Ten Local News (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc.)
    6.00 Ten National News (Broadcast nationally)
    7.00 The Jay Leno Show
    8.00 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
    9.00 Good News Week
    10.00 Little Britain USA
    10.30 Nurse Jackie
    11.00 Ten Late News
    11.30 David Letterman

    It makes sense and would be a lot simpler. What do you guys think??

  16. Wow, People are not happy with the choices Australian TV is offering on Sundays at the moment! I at least enjoyed Yellowstone and I tuned in for my 3rd effort of Rescue Special Ops. It is going alright, I seem to enjoy it when i switch on, but it is not must see like Rush! Also I am not keen on getting too involved when all other drams on 9 I got into got axed…
    Anyway Go ABC!

  17. Very pleased to see 20 to 1 fail. Sunday Night did extremely well, easily winning its timeslot, and near 400k more viewers than 60 Minutes which has dropped under 1m.

    Shame to see Rescue doing so badly, it’s actually not too bad a drama IMO. Idol continues to fail, it’s been about a month since it last hit that magic million mark. Midsommer Murders huge for abc.

  18. Seven’s Border Security, The Force and Sunday Night, and the ABC’s Midsommer Murders and Yellostone did well last night

    Nine’s 60 Minutes and Rescue Ops seem to be slightly down from previous weeks. Ten’s Rove is down from the ”10 years on air special” last week.. The later start for Rove is hurting him!

  19. 60mins, rescue, idol, 20to1, TBYG all underperforming.
    60minutes is a real worry, there aren’t many excuses for it now. when was the last time it got sub 1mil without a mega even as competition?

    ch7’s news, SN, BS, Force doing ok with the lack of competition. SN is really building an audience, the big risk and patience that leckie took is really paying off.

    idol is not going anywhere, but that discussion is getting boring.

  20. Nine and Ten got slaughter. if it wasnt for nine news, either network would of had 1 show over 1mil. Border and the Force continue to dominate 7.30 hour. Idol still not over 1mil but does beat 60minutes, still not even BB was doing that bad on Sunday. Generation repeat hold up against 20 – 1 which does nothing close to its thursday figures. If CSI cant do atealst 1.2 nine wont be happy. rove didnt do bad for a 9.30 start and 10.45 finish on par with older skewing CSI: Miami. Bond did extremely well for 7 considering it finished close to midnight. Got to give credit to the ABC, doing very well on Suinday and Causing headace for its commercial rivals

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