When Oprah meets Whitney

Whitney's "jaw-dropping, open, honest and candid" interview is a-comin'.

whitney-oprahEverybody hold hands now…

That Whitney Houston interview on Oprah is coming next month.

It’s been years since the diva was interviewed on television (that’s Whitney, of course) and she appears in two episodes of the chat show.

In the first she banters with the Big O for what Opie calls a “jaw-dropping, open, honest and candid” interview.

In the second she talks about the day she walked out of her 14-year marriage to R&B singer Bobby Brown.

These air at 1pm Monday 12th October / Tuesday 13th October on TEN.

The next day she gave a free concert, in which a sore throat was blamed on talking too much with Oprah.


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  1. Judith Webster – New Barbs album was released in Australia on Friday – perfect timing for her record comapny & 10 to screen it prime time this week.
    KFed – thats a good question – David can you find out why 10 can’t do this?

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