WIN Television general manager exits

dbMediaweek reports that WIN Television General Manager David Butorac, has parted company with the business after what is believed to have been a disagreement with company owner Bruce Gordon.

Staff were said to be informed of his departure in an internal memo late yesterday.

Butorac has been in the position for about eighteen months. Prior to joining WIN he held positions with Star Group in Hong Kong, Astro All Asia Networks in Malaysia, BSkyB in London and was Operations Director for the launch of Foxtel in 1995.

One former colleague this morning told Mediaweek it was a real shame he has gone, adding “he was the best thing that ever happened to WIN.”

WIN Television told TV Tonight it had no comment on the matter.

Source: Mediaweek


  1. word on the street is the chief fianancial officer went as well, and the guy tipped to take Butorac’s place is a guy that wanted to slash all the production like Prime have….I worked with David in an earlier role…Bruce Gorden has just made a big mistake, he must want another of his car mechanics to run the place again….

  2. @pietro:
    What would WIN need to do to “run a TV station” properly? I don’t understand where your comments are coming from? From what I can see, WIN has improved in a lot of areas since Butorac came on board (online presence, local production increase, subscription television, GO!, Perth and Adelaide, new playout facilities with ABC, upgrading news across the board.) I think it’s a shame that he is leaving.

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