2.1m as Hey Hey thumps MasterChef

hhmHey Hey the Reunion soared to a huge 2.16m viewers for its two and a half hours last night, thrashing Celebrity MasterChef‘s 1.35m viewers.

The nostalgic show gave Nine a whopping 40.0% share, almost double Seven’s 21.8% and TEN’s 20.8% share.

Preliminary figures, which are not yet adjusted for its extra 30 minute overrun, showed The Apprentice Australia, originally slated for 10pm, showed another 953,000 watching Nine from 10 – 11pm. Half of that was for Hey Hey‘s extra 30 minutes.

Nine’s reunion show blew the opposition out of the water. Other shows to feel the pinch were NCIS: Los Angeles (943,000), World’s Strictest Parents (912,000), Spicks and Specks (842,000), City Homicide (796,000) and Hungry Beast (551,000).

In hindsight, it also left newly launched Nine shows, including The Apprentice Australia, homeMADE and Australia’s Perfect Couple in its wake.

Celebrity MasterChef peaked at 1.92m. Nine indicates Hey Hey peaked at 2.64m viewers.

This post updates.

Week 40


  1. I just watched the encore of Celebrity Masterchef and enjoyed it immensely. The 2nd round has celebs that many won’t know – Peter Fitzsimmons? Kath De Leon Jones? – so it is a given that the second HHIS reunion show will thrash it again. But what are Nine planning for the following Wednesday? Are we going to see another HHIS reunion special? Or maybe a special 20 to 1 – Top moments from HHIS?

    I’m guessing it will be 2 more repeat episodes of 2.5 men because despite the success of 2.5men, HHIS and 20 to 1 – they have precious little in their cupboard to offer. And just a reminder to all who are boasting about the massive success HHIS had on Wednesday – Ugly Betty premiered a few years ago in the very competitive Sunday night timeslot with over 2m viewers and was hailed as a huge success. A few years later it is being screened during the non ratings period.

    Sure the reunion shows have given pleasure to millions of people – but it can’t possibly succeed as a weekly show.

  2. I didn’t get to see the show as I was working but these ratings are good.Does Livinia being pregnant mean we are going to be subjected to another year of Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer or will Nine do the right thing and find some new hosts for Temptation.

  3. @Lou: just like we sit back and laugh at shows such as Tool Academy, The Hills, Rock of Love, I’m A Celebrity Get me ouf of Here and the hundreds of other rubbish shows from the US.
    US execs would take notice of Hey Hey for all the right reasons because of the numbers it got. Any celebrity would kill to get on the show for the exposure of 3+ million national audience.
    Your comments are just stupid. If you are so ashamed of Australia, Qantas flies hourly out of the country.

  4. Home and Away is no a crap teen show. I have been watching the show since day one and yes at times storylines can be unbelievable but it’s still a quailty show after 21 years on air. What is the shows demographic anyway I highly doubt it would be 16-39 anymore but rather 25-54? Does anymore know?

  5. JacK: Ref Hey Hey disappearing into a black hole, I hope not Jack, the sooner it takes up 2 to 3 hours of precious airtime and rids the swill we have to watch now would be better

    As for us watching Aussie drama’s, some of us out here reckon Aussie drama is too American mate, takes no consideration of this country’s Acts, Criminal Codes and Regulations, in the cop shows the ‘police’ trample on peoples rights, use unnecessary violence, talk and swagger like Americans.

    Aussie drama of a few years ago was worth watching, the stuff we make today isn’t, it just isn’t us, it’s not Australian. Modern Aussie produced drama doesn’t show off our unique and diversified culture.

    The producers also insist that there be sex, nudity (flashes of the over-rated female breast, seen one you’ve seen ’em all) and relationships drivel in just about every ep, phfffft boring, one would think they aren’t creative enough to fill 45 minutes with half decent script.

    Aussie TV is a sad place these days

  6. @ jack… i find your coment about saying to hey hey..to go back into their black hole is rude and uncalled for….. i for one and others on here will agree with me.
    u could of worded that better!
    u say we should watch more australian drama…. well excuse me…hey hey is very australian and i think it has a place in australian histroy….
    it rated so well cos australians love it….. and if u dont like it then dont watch it next week….

  7. @Curtis

    ‘good clean innocent fun for Australian families’

    You mean like the never ending stream of fat jokes – oh it was hilarious and so progressive. These massive rating are the most depressing thing I’ve heard this year. It’s not Darly I’m disgusted at, it’s my fellow Australians.

  8. Hey Hey can diassapear back down the black hole it came from!!

    And to be fair I am disgusted that over 1.4 mill more of you would sooner watch Hey hey than a quality Aussie drama like City Homicide! Its the dramas you should be supporting they are the back bone of the Aussie TV industry!!

    You must watch Packed to the Rafters, Citry Homicide, underbelly, neighbours ect… Or else what will happen is we will be in the same do do we were in a couple of years ago where we had no decent TV dramas and nothing but ammerican imports and crappy teen shows like Home and away!

    And as for it being Nine’s best audience in years actually Nine’s Underbelly got 2.4 mill earlier this year!

  9. 2million+ viewers is not a number you can get every week for a show and HHIS is only going to be on for 2 specials, so TEN doesn’t need to worry. I’ve never watched HHIS and never will.

  10. Nine, please bring back Hey Hey next year – good clean innocent fun for Australian families. Congratulations to Nine, Daryl and his team – well done. Hey Hey hopefully will have a new life on Saturday night television. Take that Seven and Ten!!!

  11. That’s an awesome result, and I’m really happy to hear it did so well. If It were to be greenlit for a trial run, in next weeks episode I would expect to see perhaps an increased presence of cast that would be capable of returning full time, and less air-time of those who are just returning for the 2 specials so that viewers don’t get dependant on seeing them in the future…

  12. As mentioned yesterday i loved show and today’s results are no surprise at all.Channel 9 must and should put money matters aside and sign up Dazza and the team for next year and let them do what they do best,we know why that’s the main reason why the show dissappeared in the first place yep money.Channel 9 has no excuse really,they struggle at the best of times these days with the shows they have and the ratings they get.We know Don Burke was’nt signed up again because of that money issue,after having his specials doing very well,That was a bad decision.Hopefully 9 won’t make the same mistake again

  13. Well may we say God save the Queen, but who will save Australian TV of this dreck known as Hey Hey is considered “good” quality entertainment. I cringe at the thought of seeing our TV schedule for next year.

    @jay jay – I guess I struck a nerve but clearly this show was poor in every sense of the world, err, word… and clearly you know it – and anyone watching from abroad would laugh in our faces, and rightly so.

  14. I don’t see why people hate the idea of Hey Hey returning, if you don’t like it watch something else or turn off the TV! They isn’t much else on and anything is better than unfunniest home videos…

    Saturdays numbers for the ‘encore’ will be interesting, as will next Wednesday night.

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