2.1m as Hey Hey thumps MasterChef

hhmHey Hey the Reunion soared to a huge 2.16m viewers for its two and a half hours last night, thrashing Celebrity MasterChef‘s 1.35m viewers.

The nostalgic show gave Nine a whopping 40.0% share, almost double Seven’s 21.8% and TEN’s 20.8% share.

Preliminary figures, which are not yet adjusted for its extra 30 minute overrun, showed The Apprentice Australia, originally slated for 10pm, showed another 953,000 watching Nine from 10 – 11pm. Half of that was for Hey Hey‘s extra 30 minutes.

Nine’s reunion show blew the opposition out of the water. Other shows to feel the pinch were NCIS: Los Angeles (943,000), World’s Strictest Parents (912,000), Spicks and Specks (842,000), City Homicide (796,000) and Hungry Beast (551,000).

In hindsight, it also left newly launched Nine shows, including The Apprentice Australia, homeMADE and Australia’s Perfect Couple in its wake.

Celebrity MasterChef peaked at 1.92m. Nine indicates Hey Hey peaked at 2.64m viewers.

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  1. Eskimo Joe posted a couple of hours ago on their Facebook page that Nine will “encore” this crud on Saturday night (irony, irony, how we love thee…)

    “Eskimo Joe got news that there is going to be an encore screening of Hey Hey on Saturday night starting at 9:30pm on Channel 9. So if you missed it or want to relive the golden moments…Saturday’s your chance!”

  2. @TV Tragic “I for one have no time for Rove with his homophobic gags and lame humour”. Sorry, did you not watch 12 years of homophobic jokes at Molly’s expense on Hey Hey like I did? Admittedly they were missing last night, but luckily we got Lavinia’s racist African joke, numerous fat jokes at the expense of an overweight Red Faces contestant and Hey Hey’s traditional wiff of sexism.

  3. @Lou Cultural cringe much? What a weird, old-fashioned thing to say. Harry Connick Jr is on next week – I hope he doesn’t rush back to America and tell them we’re a backwater!

  4. I agree with Neon and all the others who (quite rightly) called this out as the crud that it is.

    If it was such a marvellous show it never would have been taken off the air in the first place!

    This pretty much sums it up: ‘You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the (Australian viewing) public…’

  5. I expected all along HH would get those figures, but the problem (that’s solvable) with doing a new version for Saturday nights in 2010, is Nine have NRL League
    matches they show on some Saturday nights in NSW and Qld (so people in those states would have to watch it on GO). Plus while Daryl could host it initially, he’d need to eventually test out a bunch of younger hosts to take over from him. Those ratings are too good for Nine to make a new HH, only be seen exclusively on GO.

    Molly and Red couldn’t come back as they’re with 7, Ernie and Jackie are retired and their appearances in the 2nd special will most definitely be their final public TV appearances and Lavina is pregnant. Jo Beth could re-appear in a new version, but she’s 39.

  6. I thought it wo0uld flop, I watched CMC, wished I hadnt bothered, and flicked over, and boy it was like going back in town, my daughter just kept looking at me and the wifr laughing and getting excited by this thing called red faces, and looking forward to plucka, she thought we were both crazy, but I saw her watching over the top of her laptop, with the occassional giggle sneaking out, it was bloody awesome, I have to admit it, I will watch again.

  7. I still can’t see why they can’t show old eps of Hey Hey after midnight or even late on a Saturday night.

    There are tapes of it just gathering dust in the archives and – judging by the responses here and elsewhere – there are people crying out for some genuine live variety entertainment.

    Somehow I’m sure Hey Hey will make a fulltime return – it’s just a matter of in what form……

  8. oh save us! Daryls already doing the rounds of the radio stations touting a possible series return, please no…i have a nasty feeling this might end up at 6.30pm sundays on 9 next year…seriously it felt dated and at times i wanted to hide behind a cushion from cringeing…if this proceeds beyond these sepcials then I never want to hear another work spoken about he dumbing down of TV in this country again…this is the ultimate in mindless drivel..the thing that alarms me the most about all of this, is that the young audience who have never seen it before or dont remember it…they actually seemed to like it…crazy world…

  9. Hey, Hey’s reunion was fantastic entertainment last night!
    Congratulations to Nine & Somers Caroll for listening to the Australian audience. It just goes to show, high risk equals high return!

    As part of generation Y, HHiS really highlighted how much of an embarrassment life has become. It was really nice to see a TV show without sex, drugs, swearing and fighting/violence for once. It certainly highlighted how much respect we have lost for each other and also as a community – especially in my generation! The old fashioned gags weren’t a problem for me… in fact I actually found most of them quite funny. The new talent aspect was really cool – who knew both new & old could work so well together!

    Maybe the answer to ‘cleaning up’ the problems being cause by my generation is some clean television like ‘Hey, Hey’… sure it can’t all be like that – we don’t all like the same things but we would finally have a choice. The show was good family fun – my family and I all actually watched and laughed together for the entire show!

    Congrats guys but if you bring it back… plan carefully and make the right choices!

  10. Watched the whole thing. Awesome show. Nine was my “home of TV” that night. Would definatley watch it again if it was a permanent program. Too rich for a weekly show, though. Maybe once or twice a month.
    I applaud nine for hey hey.

  11. What I find a bit funny about all the people making comment sabout Hey, Hey being old and crappy just because it’s not a “new” show is that in 10-20 years younger people will consider what is on now as “old and crappy”.

    People years ago wanted quality entertainment, just as we want quality entertainment and just as they will want in the future. No matter what the programmers may think and what the demographics say, last night’s win by Hey Hey shows that Australians are craving for good family entertainment.

  12. @ Hmm and others: it is television, not a mensa convention. Whatever the reason for watching, people tuned in. I think Hmm and Neon Kitty are the type of people that watch Rockwiz because they think it makes them cool. Time to read “What White People Like” I think…..

  13. I must say I am astounded on how Hey Hey rated its socks off, as well as how MasterChef pulled up a decent fight against it (for the record I watched MasterChef and NCIS: LA). The challenge for Nine will be to program a good Wednesday line-up to retain as many viewers from the two Hey Hey specials as possible.
    Given the disappointing figures for NCIS: LA, World’s Strictest Parents finale and City Homicide, I won’t be surprised if they will be repeated at the end of this week.

  14. I watched Masterchef and switched over to Hey Hey at 8.30pm. First time in a long time I watched FTA TV. Yes seemed a bit obvious that Kirk was going to win with his best mate there to support him. Although poor Indira. Anyway who announces that they are the best cook before the comp starts deserves to crumble, and she did. Hey Hey felt really familiar as if they’d never been away, but then I found myself thinking I was wasting 2 hours of my life watching nonsense like Red Faces. Lucky I was sitting in from of my computer and could do something else at the same time. I would still watch again if it came back for good as its harmless fun and we need more of it. I like Daryl.

  15. Channel Seven should have brought Hey Hey when they were negotiating with Daryl, I bet they are cringing now!!! Channel Nine never owned Hey Hey, Somers Carroll did and still do. Daryl is a smart business man. He could sell Hey Hey to 7 in an instant if things went pair shaped. Don’t forget the red faces replays ‘Gonged but Not Forgotten’ aired on 7!!! I hate Nine too, I wish Hey Hey was on 7.

  16. Well someone just posted “Hey Hey was awesome” so, Neon Kitten, not only did Aus TV die a little, apparently the brain cells of the masses did too.

  17. Thats Nine’s biggest audience in years I would say? City Homicide’s rating must have been the worst ever! I am glad I added an extra 50mins to the PVR recording of Hey Hey, I knew it would run overtime, it often did in the last few years on a Saturday.
    Depending on next weeks ratings will show if it will get picked up next year.

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