2.3m for Hey Hey reunion

The second, now controversial, reunion show for Hey Hey it's Saturday netted 2.3m in preliminary figures, up from last week's figures.

hhnThe second, now controversial, reunion show for Hey Hey it’s Saturday netted 2.3m in Preliminary figures. With nearly an extra hour, the true figure is yet to be finalised.

Significantly, the second hour (logged as a repeat of The Apprentice Australia) took in 1.67m, indicating a still sizable audience between 10-11pm.

Nine netted themselves a whopping 43.3% share for the night -more than twice its nearest competitor, Seven.

The show peaked at 2.73m, while Nine says with regional reviewers it netted 3.21m (peak 3.97m) -all are Preliminary figures.

Last week’s show took a final 5-city figure of 2.14m.

Nine proved tough competition for its rivals. Celebrity MasterChef dropped to 1.08m, third behind Border Security’s 1.18m viewers.

Most other primetime shows slipped under the 1m mark including NCIS: LA, City Homicide, Spicks and Specks.

Hungry Beast took 539,000 viewers while Seven’s FlashForward replay was dead on arrival at 348,000.

Elsewhere on Nine, Hot Seat had another win over Deal or No Deal– 617,000 to 611,000.

Week 41

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  1. At long last you have brought back a program that does not have, sex ,foul language, violence or nudity. Good clean family entertainment this show should never have been taken off the air and it is terrific to see it back on. Please make this a regular occurrence Hey Hey its Saturday every Saturday night, please

  2. the reason 2.5 men has lasted so long is 1 the ratings 2. they dont tackle serious issues as in everthing they do is light hearted non thinking entertainment , which after all the rubbish that goes on a daily basis is refreshing to watch and chill out out alittle bit on

  3. The Americans seen to be a bit precious about the Jackson 5 skit. How can they call us racist when they bought the african’s over as slaves, then they do not have equal rights. The you have guys running around in silly white hats and fianlly the red necks down south. It sounds like a bit of being 2 faced to me.

  4. I think when they unable to create something new and popular (even when they do it so painfully by the numbers) they have no choice but to dig up something old and established if people want to watch it. Iam glad it may come back because it means less Hommades and Australias…Couple.

  5. Hey Hey great to see it again Its a Classic It should be back if not every Saturday at lease once a month it’s Way better then all the Reality TV that has been shown to death Boring Bring back Hey Hey and Jazz it up abit and Channel 9 will lead the pack and start bringing back what Tv was made for Entertainment

    Thankyou Hey Hey

  6. Congratulations to Daryl, John, Jackie, Ozzie and the team, I look forward to Hey Hey in 2010, Australia needs a light hearted entertainment show – the world is too serious and this show would fill a huge gap in aussie TV programming. Even Harry thinks its fun show, despite him not understanding that our culture is vastly different to the US. As he chooses to appear on Hey Hey, you would think he would know that.

  7. Outdated Format.

    Off the topic a little Did Nine Ever do their research before importing in all those Two and a Half Men Episodes.
    How Charlie Sheen has lasted a long time on that Network when things like All Together Now and My Two Wives amongst others were gone within a year or two.

  8. I think this has to have made all time ratings records. Just think, according to Nine’s promo of the 2nd ep it took in ep 1 3.9m nationally and going by these figures 3.9 so therefor that’s about 7.800,000m viewers in 2 eps. Just try it on Sat nights in 2010 and see how many look in per week. You also have to consider the population has grown in age (kids and young viewers now adults considering the show) and difference (new migrants, other people), so now more people are looking into this. Therefore it maybe a all time Australian Show, followed by MasterChef?

  9. I’m hoping that some network will do a variety show like HHIS next year. This is a massive gap in Australian TV at the moment. There is a rumour that Noel’s House Party (with Mr Blobby!!) is making a comeback on the BBC too.

  10. John Jackson says:
    October 8, 2009 at 12:37 pm, there is no chance of ozzie coming back, if HH returns in 2010.
    The guy who voices him, is 80 odd, and last night was a once off – I suspect Ozzie will be put back into the cupboard(or whereever it is stored).

  11. When the encore show for this arrives, you can bet ”’that” sketch will probably be edited out.

    If Hey Hey returns it would be with a mostly new cast I would imagine – with a few shows per year instead of weekly.

  12. I just hope if Hey Hey makes a return first it’s on Saturday night, any other time would be stupid but if they can limit it to 2 hour, no more but in the long term I don’t know if it will work without some chances…

    Next week is the big test for CH and NCIS-LA, how will RPA/The Gift/CSI and WAT do?

  13. dont worry. celeb mc will be repeated and be be a massive flop in the repeat. forget that one incident. which has been blown out proportion. the 2 shows were great and i reckon darryl and the crew knew something we didnt last night. i reckon and darryl have been talking about bringing it back on full time services

  14. Woohoo! Congrats on the team.. hopefully there is more to come, and they can get Red to join them (and hopefully Molly too). I’m hoping for Ossie to return as well but that may be asking for too much? At least hoping for sometimes visits by him anyway.

  15. Surely those figures are enough for Nine to take a risk on it for 2010. It would be a more calculated risk then having an Aussie version of the Apprentice, Ladette to Lady or Wipeout. 7:30 Sat nights or Wed nights (where there would be a larger FTA audience) in 2010 would be perfect. Wouldn’t be a better way to start 2010 for Nine then to have Daryl, Wilbur, Red, Russell, Livinia, Jo-Beth, John Blackmen, Ozzie and Dickie coming on straight after the Olympics.

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