2009 AFI Awards: Nominees

falsewitThe ABC, SBS and Pay Television dominate the Television nominees in the 2009 AFI Awards.

Leading the drama nominations were False Witness (UKTV, pictured), Underbelly (Nine Network) and East West 101 (SBS). Two were produced by Screentime and East West 101 by Knapman / Wyld.

In comedy The Librarians (ABC1), Review with Myles Barlow (ABC1), and Very Small Business (ABC1) received several nominations.

In light entertainment it was again a public broadcaster battle between Spicks and Specks (ABC1), The Gruen Transfer (ABC1) and RocKwiz (SBS ONE).

Seven’s adult drama nominations were confined to Packed to the Rafters and for TEN it’s single production nomination was The Elephant Princess in Children’s Drama

AFI Award for Best Children’s Television Drama
The Elephant Princess. Jonathan M. Shiff, Joanna Werner. Network Ten
Time Trackers. Sue Taylor. Seven Network

AFI Award for Best Children’s Television Animation
The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry. Paige Livingston. Seven Network
Classic Tales. Noel Price. ABC
Figaro Pho. Luke Jurevicius. ABC1
Zeke’s Pad. Avrill Stark, Delna Bhesania, Liz Scully, Leonard Terhoch. Seven Network

AFI Award for Best Television Comedy Series
Chandon Pictures. Rob Carlton. Movie Network
Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure. Nathan Earl, Andy Nehl. ABC1
Review With Myles Barlow. Dean Bates. ABC
Very Small Business. Wayne Hope, Robyn Butler. ABC1

AFI Award for Best Light Entertainment Television Series
The Gruen Transfer, Series 2. Andrew Denton, Anita Jacoby, Jon Casimir, Debbie Cuell. ABC
RocKwiz. Brian Nankervis, Ken Connor, Peter Bain-Hogg, Joe Connor. SBS
Spicks and Specks. Anthony Watt. ABC

AFI Award for Best Television Drama Series
East West 101, Season 2. Kristine Wyld, Steve Knapman. SBS
Packed to the Rafters. Jo Porter. Seven Network
Satisfaction, Season 2. Andrew Walker, Roger Simpson. Showcase
Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. Greg Haddrick, Brenda Pam. Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Telefeature, Mini Series or Short Run Series
3 Acts of Murder. Sue Taylor. ABC1
False Witness. Greg Haddrick, Peter Andrikidis. UKTV
The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce. Nial Fulton. ABC1
Saved. Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres. SBS

AFI Award for Best Direction in Television
East West 101, Season 2 (Episode 13, Atonement) Peter Andrikidis. SBS
False Witness (Episode 1) Peter Andrikidis. UKTV
Review With Myles Barlow (Episode 1) Trent O’Donnell. ABC
Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (Episode 11, The Brotherhood) Grant Brown. Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Screenplay in Television
30 Seconds (Episode 4, Invisible Fault Lines) Tim Bullock, Justin Drape, Scott Nowell. Foxtel
East West 101, Season 2 (Episode 13, Atonement) Michael Miller, Kristen Dunphy. SBS
Review With Myles Barlow (Episode 1) Trent O’Donnell, Phil Lloyd. ABC
Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (Episode 11, The Brotherhood) Kris Mrksa. Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama
Robert Menzies. 3 Acts of Murder. ABC1
Don Hany. East West 101, Season 2. SBS
Dougray Scott. False Witness. UKTV
Roy Billing. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama
Susie Porter. East West 101, Season 2. SBS
Rachael Blake. False Witness. UKTV
Rebecca Gibney. Packed to the Rafters. Seven Network
Asher Keddie. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama
Bille Brown. 3 Acts of Murder. ABC1
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor. False Witness (Episode 2). UKTV
Richard Roxburgh. False Witness (Episode 2). UKTV
Damian de Montemas. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (Episode 11, The Brotherhood). Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama
Anni Finsterer. 3 Acts of Murder. ABC1
Claire Forlani. False Witness (Episode 1). UKTV
Kathryn Beck. Scorched. Nine Network
Kate Ritchie. Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities (Episode 4, Business As Usual). Nine Network

AFI Award for Best Performance in a Television Comedy
Robyn Butler. The Librarians, Series 2. ABC
Phil Lloyd. Review With Myles Barlow. ABC
Kim Gyngell. Very Small Business. ABC1
Wayne Hope. Very Small Business. ABC1


AFI International Award for Best Actor
Russell Crowe, State of Play
Martin Henderson, House, Network Ten
Anthony LaPaglia, Without a Trace, Nine Network
Guy Pearce, Bedtime Stories

AFI International Award for Best Actress
Rose Byrne, Damages, Foxtel
Toni Collette, United States of Tara, ABC1
Melissa George, In Treatment, Foxtel
Mia Wasikowska, In Treatment, Foxtel

The 2009 AFI Awards will be broadcast on Nine on Saturday December 12th.



  1. False Witness: was great tv so I am glad it’s nominated
    Kate Ritchie-please she is not worthy of a nomination.
    Toni Collette: Awesome will win this one
    Asher Keddie: Great actress so glad she got a gong
    Kristian Schmid: Did deserve a nomination what a great performance on PTTR

    Will be interesting to see how Tangle fairs in noms next year. I am enjoying it

    Cannot wait for the new Claudia Karvan series!!

  2. @wilmawalrus. Thanks.

    I wasn’t surprsied when Noni missed out on a Logie nominatiion because we all know how irrelevant the Logies have become but the AFI’s, i really thought she was a chance !

  3. steven g, I’m with you – Noni Hazlehurst in City Homicide was an outstanding performance and I’m gobsmacked she’s missing from these noms.

  4. Is/was False Witness any good? Can’t believe it got so many nominations!

    – Claudia Karvan for Saved – such a great performance but AFI probably didn’t want to see her win…again!
    – Jessica Marais would have been a better pick than Kate Ritchie.
    – I agree that Anna Hutchison should have recieved a nomination.
    – Rush should have gotten something as well.

    Glad to see nominations for Asher Keddie, Roy Billing, Review with Myles Barlow and most of all – First Australians.


  5. I don’t dislike Kate Richie but there much better actors around including Anna Hutchison who is from NZ..
    I like Russell Crowe for best International male and Rose Byrne for the female.- very hard to pick.

    Rush and City Homicide obviously don’t exist ……..sad.

  6. What about Noni Hazlelhurst, her performance in City Homicide is as good as any of those nominated. Anyone who saw her preformance when her son was murdered should be outraged that she has been left out Again !

  7. Rach, I would assume that the “New Zealand chick on Underbelly” would actually the in the lead actress category. Definitely not a supporting role. And in comparison to the other lead actresses, she in no way makes the grade – getting her top off a billion times is not acting.

  8. There’s a very nice turn-up – noms across performance, writing, direction and genre for Review with Myles Barlow. Well judged AFI members and well done team.

  9. It’s good to see Underbelly 2 and East West 101 up for several nominations in the drama section. Both good shows.

    I would have liked to see ‘Dirt Game’ from the ABC1 up for nomination in the short-run series award. But it wasn’t. Damn!

    I’m also happy that Very Small Business and it’s cast nominated for a few awards too in the comedy section

  10. If a panel thinks Kate Ritchie should be nominated for her role in Underbelly, then I think they must be blind. Honestly. What about that girl that played the New Zealand girl – she was way better.

    In comedy, Bogan Pride should have got a nomination over Lawrence Leung’s show which wasn’t funny and completely bombed on the ABC.

  11. I enjoy City Homicide but Underbelly is on a different level altogether in terms of writing/acting etc.

    Great to see Underbelly get some recognition for the brilliant piece of work it was. Kate Richie thoroughly deserves her nomination for her excellent performance which proved she actually can act when given a chance away from a rubbish soap.

  12. Jerome it’s not critics, it’s the industry / peers, but I would have thought City Homicide and Rush might have got a look in somewhere.

    The other dramas that were snubbed would include All Saints, Neighbours, Home and Away, Sea Patrol, East of Everything, Dirt Game, The Cut, Carla Cametti PD and possibly Rescue: Special Ops.

  13. hmmmmmm i could make a lot of comments, but i’ll restrict it to just – why is guy pearce nominated for bedtime stories?? surely simon baker for the mentalist could have been nominated instead

    • Those International Actor awards are separate from Television, but I included them because they include TV titles. These were recent additions to AFI nights and are popular voted by newspaper readers, covering any film or TV. Frankly I see them as being added to lure names back to the night and to bump up interest from the public. They are the AFI’s own Logies….

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