Airdate: Electric Dreams

edNext month TEN will air the three part series Electric Dreams, a UK series which follows one family as their home is “renovated” back to a typical house in 1970 and then fast-forwarded over six weeks through the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The series has added Australian narration by Amanda Keller, who previously fronted Beyond 2000.

The show has been described as a mashup of Nova, Colonial House and Back to the Future, with some Mythbusters geekery thrown in.

As one review noted, “…Britain’s labor disputes linger in the background. When the power goes out one evening, the family is told that ‘as a result of the miners’ industrial action, the power outage will last until morning.’ They break out candles and board games.

“The real treat, however, is watching the parents enjoy this flashback to their youth while having to cope with the hassles it creates. Dad gets misty when he finds a record player with Simon & Garfunkel on.”

It premieres at 6:30pm Sunday November 1st.


  1. Very quick off the mark by Ten there – this aired less than a week ago on the BBC.

    However, the BBC version is preferable for two obvious reasons: firstly, the original narration. It’s a British doco series, and doesn’t need Amanda Keller to re-voice it.

    Secondly and more importantly, each episode runs 59 minutes without ads. To fit this into a one-hour slot, Ten will have to chop 15 minutes or so out of each episode.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting show and I’ll give it a go. How heavenly would it be to live in a house with everything from the mid 70’s. Though I might have to sneak in a computer and a DVD player 🙂

  3. 6:30pm Sunday. Interesting choice of timeslot. Sounds like an interesting show with nothing I like on the other channels at the same time so I might have a peek.

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