Airdate: Jamie’s American Roadtrip

jamieoJamie Oliver borrows an idea from Stephen Fry? Not quite, but TEN will soon launch a new series in whivh the Brit chef travels through the USA on an ultimate food road trip. Avoiding fancy restaurants and top chefs, Oliver sets out to find the real food of America.

“Many people think American food is just burgers, fries and huge portions (correct!),” says Oliver. “But there’s so much more to the country and its food than that, so I want to get beyond the stereotypes and try the real taste of America.”

His tour kicks off in East LA where he discovers a Mexican-American community proud of its food, committed to family and striving to make the American dream a reality.

He visits Homeboy Industries, an organisation that uses food to break the cycle of crime, and is welcomed into the homes of Rigo and Maria, where he discovers food is a central part of family get-togethers, both as celebration and commemoration.

Later eps will see him in Wyoming / Montana, NYC, Lousiana, Georgia and Arizona.

Jamie’s American Roadtrip premieres 7:30pm Monday October 26th on TEN.

…and try not to freak out too much when you see him dressed as all six members of The Village People.


  1. This looks excellent. For too long the real variety, and often fab quality of American food has been overlooked by naysayers and the anti-America brigade.

    It always makes me laugh when people realise America in many ways is very sophisticated – as shown by the recent Fry program in which he was ‘astounded’ by America. Could he really have been that ignorant in the first place?

    I’ll watch Jamie’s show with interest!

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