Airdate: My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri’s Story

Michael-Jackson-and-UriSeven will air another Michael Jackson documentary next month, this time in which longtime friend Uri Geller talks about his friendship with the late pop star.

Geller provides never seen before footage shot by himself, including footage of his wedding where Jackson was best man.

“This is the real Michael Jackson, the way that just a handful of friends were privileged to see him – relaxed, witty, loving, smart, sincere and genuine,” said Gellar. “This film gives audiences around the world the opportunity to experience the reality of life with Michael.

“It breaks my heart that the world has lost such a beautiful human being, a brother to everyone and a friend whom I was proud to call my brother – thankfully he is not completely lost, because we have his music and our memories.

“And my clearest memories of all are captured on this videotape.”

My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri’s Story airs 10:30pm Tuesday November 3rd on Seven.


  1. uri geller has jumped on the micheal jackson bandwagon, just like everyone, but is it riveting, required viewing, even in death there seems to be no peace for micheal jackson.

  2. I think Uri Gellar convinced Jackson to do the Martin Basheer interviews that led to the child abuse controversy.

    I think that is why they fell out.

  3. Didn’t Uri say they hadn’t spoken in a long while when he died, as in years, and contact was extremely rare and brief?

    My occasional acquaintance and pen pal Michael Jackson: Uri’s short short story.

  4. Thank you, David, for not opting for “never before seen” – one of the most lamentable grammar fails in the history of TV and movies 🙂

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