Airdate: Secrets and Lives

SBS' new doco series looking at Australian characters and subcultures premieres in December.

video_cameraNew SBS documentary series Secrets and Lives will premiere Thursday 3rd December at 8.30pm.

The docos span a number of topics looking at Australian characters and subcultures: From a former chronic alcoholic attempting to save the lives of other sufferers in his suburban rehab, to a disabled crew battling nature in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

SBS Executive Producer Peter Newman, said, “Secrets and Lives programs are raw, visceral and at times confronting. But this doesn’t necessarily mean dark or bleak, there’s a strong sense of humour throughout the strand”.

Denise Eriksen, SBS Manager, Production and Development said, “What we have is a collection of docos that are moving, accessible and engaging. Essentially, they’re compelling stories told with a lightness of touch and in entertaining ways. Secrets and Lives is unique – there’s nothing else like this on-air.”

Ep 1: Secrets and Lives: Last Chance Saloon
20 years ago, Aussie battler Brian Cox was a street derelict drinking aftershave, methylated spirits, ammonia; just about anything that would get him drunk. But these days Coxy is a man on a mission. Through some kind of miracle he got sober and has since dedicated his life to getting Melbourne’s most chronic alcoholics to do the same. At a time when binge drinking is on the rise, we go inside his unique rehab to meet the people he helps and follow them and Coxy on the road to recovery.

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