Airdate: The Contender Australia

CONAUSMeet the buff boys of The Contender Australia -14 professional super middleweight boxers from Australia (and New Zealand) who will live, train and compete together over an eight week period.

The winner of the series will fight Anthony “The Man” Mundine -hate to think what the loser gets.

Hosted by both Charlotte Dawson and Daniel Amalm, the series sees the contestants living at a specially designed gymnasium at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

Mentoring them through the competition are Australian boxing trainer Johnny Lewis and Paul Briggs and Billy Hussein.

The Aussie spin-off of the Mark Burnett format, produced by Granada Productions, premieres Monday November 2nd at 8.30pm on FOX8.


  1. I think the fight between Garth and Victor got a bit out of hand but i think Victor was getting a little cocky so Garth had to do what he had to do….Good onya Garth

    I would also like to mention how well Josh took his defeat, he took it like a man. All the other contenders seemed like they had lost everything after loosing but Josh knew as long as his family were still OK and healthy, that’s all that mattered..

  2. Ive been following boxing all my life been lucky enough to see some of the best fights this country has ever seen . 1 of the best fights Ive ever seen was between Barry Micheal vs Jerome aorist not sure of the spelling but a top fight anyway . i backed Barry with the ring side bookies , Barry won, i lost the money because i backed Barry 2 win bye knock out . that’s when boxing was boxing . Ive been following the contender since it started all i can say & i mean no disrespect 2 any boxer , but what a load of bull s**t this Australian contender is . they cant even get the trainers name right correct me if im wrong but last time i seen Paul briggs his name was Nattan , both brothers are gentlemen . i can see who’s going 2 win it sticks out like dogs balls ,o’ well as they say that’s boxing . the Aussie contender is rigged as was green vs Jones

  3. My boyfriend is addicted to this show!! does anyone know if there are tickets available to go watch it live?? and how i would go about finding them, i cant seem to find any!

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