Airdate: The Contender Australia

CONAUSMeet the buff boys of The Contender Australia -14 professional super middleweight boxers from Australia (and New Zealand) who will live, train and compete together over an eight week period.

The winner of the series will fight Anthony “The Man” Mundine -hate to think what the loser gets.

Hosted by both Charlotte Dawson and Daniel Amalm, the series sees the contestants living at a specially designed gymnasium at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

Mentoring them through the competition are Australian boxing trainer Johnny Lewis and Paul Briggs and Billy Hussein.

The Aussie spin-off of the Mark Burnett format, produced by Granada Productions, premieres Monday November 2nd at 8.30pm on FOX8.


  1. I recorded the fight and just saw it. What a shame and embarrassment for Australian Sport and on a personal level an injustice to Junior Talipeau. Anyone with eyes could see that this was not just a win but a walkover. The first thing that came to mind after the result was that there must have been a hidden agenda behind the result and I say this because all the judges were way off the mark! Keep fighting on Junior, this one will go down as one of your best victories regardless of the outcome. Shame, shame and more shame be heaped upon the heads of the Contender Series!!

  2. I have watched every series of the contender and watch boxing and MMA everyday of my life bloody life…. My great grandfather was a trainer and boxer and its in my blood!

    Shame on you contender Australia. You will never have me tune in to another episode of what is now a very low point in boxing for Australia!

    To Junior… you know that you won that fight…. your hand speed is excellent! Your foot work is great! (Work on your guard) and you my friend deserve a shot at the mouth Mundine.

    Contender Australia: Bring him back….. or forever be known as a reality TV show with well paid judges!


  3. I watched the fight between Victor and Junior last night on N.Z Sky and after watching that fight i thought it was a disgrace that victor had so called won the fight. How can the judge say Victor had won when clearly junior had won. The whole staduim and blue team and even the trainers had thought junior had won.Just goes to show money pays the judges probably took bribes.They are old as get them off the judging panel. These are the fighters dreams and they cost Junior his chance to become contender.
    Nader needs to shut his mouth sick of hearing him talk. Cant wait till someone smacks him around he was lucky to get away with the win from Les.

  4. If The N.S.W Boxing association wishes for people to take their sport in a serious manner, they need to seriously consider these flawed decisions made by these judges in the previous two fights of The Contender Series , Australia. In the previous years, Boxing has become a Sport marred by controversy,bribery and lets face it and tell it like it is , some damned awful bulls**t decisions. The Series has lost me…I refuse too watch this crap

  5. Honestly after last night I think the judges should be looked at for bribery. It was a disgusting display and quite clearly even to a novice that Junior won.

  6. You know I thought last weeks result was a little bit tough but last nights result between Junior and Victor was a joke. If you have the same judges through-out the series then you will find out what terrible judges they are. If I didn’t know any better it would appear you are trying to get ratings by causing controversy however that thought process will end up damaging the show. I like the series, I started off tapping it because I thouight it might be very good motovational material but now I will not be watching the rest of the series because I think the judges are not real judges (the terniology conflack packet and Don King comes to mind). Get fairdinkgum people get sunny back tell Victor – as much as I liked him to give back his win, bring Sunny back. Unitl that happens you have lost me as a viewer.

  7. What a load of rubbish… Last night was a rip off… 1st time I watched the show and probably the last until the winner meets Mundine… I dont know how to score boxing but Junior was the clear winner in my eyes and my hubby believes it should have been scored 3/5 or 4/5 to Junior… If I was Victor I would have handed the win over… Hope Junior continues on…

  8. blind freddy could of jugded Junior’s fight better , what a load of crap
    Junior left the ring a winner in my eyes get some new judges , or i wont be watching it gain , even Les was ripped off the week before what’s going on here is it riged or what , starting to look like it to me

  9. The refs that scored the fight with jnr and victor should never ever be allowed near the ring again unless their getting their light put out.Being a boxer myself it sickens and disheartens you to see these criminal decisions made that was somebodys life career they just threw away is it the refs or the people behind the show split decision fair enough but 100% unanomous decision it is criminal

  10. that was Bulls**t the fight between Jnr and Victor . Junior won that fight hands down. The judges must no who is going to win before they even fight to make Victor a winner of the fight. You have just lost me and my family watching this show as it is all bulls**t.

  11. I think Les was hard done by. He most likely won 3/5 rounds.
    I cant help but think it would help ratings to keep a loud mouthed villian type character on the blue team. (as well as Sonny on the gold team).
    Keep fighting Les, you looked the goods. The rapid combinations to the midsection were impressive.
    Bad decisions are a blight on this sport- remember the Danny Green in Germany decisions.
    Nader (however you spell it) can consider himself very lucky.

  12. the jurges were not faif at all on the gold team member , he was the winner and not the guy from the blue team .please make sure you jurge correctly next time as it puts us the viewer off if these things happened.

  13. I think all of you that have denoted these fights are morons. These fighters have trained extremely hard and one is a great mate to me. Pull your heads in.. everybody deserves to be in the ring with mundine.. I dont even like the guy.. but he is a great fighter. Its easy to sit back and criticize and say what a joke this is, but all of these boys have been hand picked for this. Professional, fit and healthy boy who wanna punch the Crap out of each other (whilst being on Tv). I say good luck to em.

  14. None of these fighter have any business being in the ring with Mundane & Mundane is only a second rate paper champ of an irrelevant sanctioning body, at best.

    Hopefully it gives a chance for some of these fighters to train with better boxing coaches, pick up some new skills and develop in to real boxers, so that one day they get a chance to go overseas and fight a real world champ at Middleweight.

  15. I’m looking forward to watching it on Fox 8’s new HD channel in mid November. Woohoo!

    Oh and for me, the best series of The Contender so far was the Mui Thai version with John Wayne Par. Loved that season!

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