Airdate: Wuthering Heights

whHeathcliffe… it’s me oh Cathy, oh come home…

The ABC will be airing the two part UK drama Wuthering Heights later this month.

The adaptation is by writer Peter Bowker, whose work includes Blackpool, Flesh and Blood, Buried Treasure and Occupation.

Tom Hardy plays Heathcliff alongside newcomer Charlotte Riley as Cathy.

Sarah Lancashire takes on the role of housekeeper Nelly, while Andrew Lincoln is Edgar, Cathy’s forlorn husband. Burn Gorman stars as Cathy’s brother Hindley, and Kevin R. McNally plays Mr Earnshaw.

It premieres 8:30pm Sunday October 25th on ABC1.


  1. My partner just confirmed that it was the first episode of this season’s Ghost Whisperer that featured “This Woman’s Work” … when the two women were having their babies … it had to be something like that … I obviously watch too much TV if i can’t remember that!

  2. “This Womans Work” wasn’t in TGW as i remember it being on a show and i don’t watch that.

    Could have been a CSI or perhaps Criminal Minds or perhaps Cold Case.

  3. Love the Kate Bush musical idea … call it “This Woman’s Work” … that track was featured recently on … I think, Ghost Whisperer or something similar … i nearly had a fit! Another astounding song …
    Problem is, Ms Bush would probably not allow it … just like she refuses to have a DVD of all her amazing Videos!!! Please! Please! Please! Kate …. give us what we yearn for!

  4. So glad to see the KB fans. I reckon when I listen to her I hear the music rather the music draws something out of me. Its like my lifeblood. Aha.

    But Babooshka eclipses WH for sure.

  5. So many Wuthering Heights adaptation have been made and they all deal only with the first generation. The book covers two generations. I hope this mini-series has both.

  6. Another Kate Bush fan here I absolutely adore her and her unique music. Her Wuthering Heights was the perfect coming together of my favorite female artist and my favorite book by the wonderful Emily Bronte. And I agree on The Man With The Child In His Eyes such a gorgeous song.

    Anyway will be taping this one for sure. But for me thus far Timothy Dalton from 1970 version is the definitive Heathcliff.

  7. Yeah can’t agree more – Man With the Child In His Eyes is a fantastic song – very ‘dreamy and mystical’.

    Kate Bush is a legend – I’m still hoping for an in depth retrospective on her life and career one day – even if she’s a very private person. She’s one of those performers who has had the courage of their convictions to do what they want and to continue pushing boundaries – a sign of a great artist.

    But I digress – this Wuthering Heights version looks good and I loved Peter Bowker’s writing in Blackpool – that was a great series – although I’m not too sure whether those 3 others mentioned aired here??

  8. Damn! Damn! Damn!
    Someone, someday Must make a version of Wuthering Heights that includes that amazing track from Kate Bush … and The Man With The Child In His Eyes, and a few others from that brilliant first album!

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