All Saints finale: October 27th

von-ryanSome spoilers:

The last ever episode of All Saints will air on Tuesday October 27th.

Filmed in late August, it will bring to a close 11 years of production, and 12 seasons of the Seven medical soap.

In the final episode Von makes final preparations to leave All Saints, while Adam, Charlotte and Gabrielle find themselves faced with a heartbreaking challenge. Frank gives Elliott an ultimatum. Mike’s test results arrive and they’re not at all what he’s expecting. And Steve struggles to deal with Gabrielle’s decision.

Appearing in the final episode are John Howard, Judith McGrath, Tammy Macintosh, Virginia Gay, Andrew Supanz, John Waters, Jack Campbell, Kip Gamblin, Ella Scott Lynch, Alix Bidstrup, Mirrah Foulkes, Jonathan Wood and Sapphire Blosum.

It will guest star Heather Mitchell, Frankie J. Holden and Luke Pegler.

Some time ago I speculated the final scene should be Von Ryan walking away from the hospital, turning around and taking one last look at the Western General. We’ll know soon enough. Maybe she’ll opt for a taxi….?

Titled “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” it will run for 70 minutes.


  1. I wish all the All Saints cast and crew the very best of luck in the future.
    There will be a void in my life,now that they are gone.
    All the men in it were brilliant,and as for the great Judith Mcgrath,she was such a kind hearted,special person.You felt you knew her.Well done to one and all.
    Please,please,all you great actors,get back on our screens again soon.xx

  2. Rosemary Spearman

    All Saints was the very best medical drama ever.
    The australians can be very proud,fantastic actors who made you believe they were for real,brilliant story lines,and superb direction all made this drama so great tp watch.I will miss it very much.The gorgeous,hot sexy men,in it,from Erik Thomson to Kip Gablin,compelling viewing.Well done Australia.I hope to see more of your great actors in the future.

  3. I am so sad that this incredible realistic show has to end. I have watched it from the beginning and it feels like a piece of me will be missing when the show ends.I pray sometime channel seven either have a change of heart or invent another show just like all saints that warms the heart., shows human emotion and displays such brilliant people we have representing australian tv in our film industry. Long Live All Saints!!!!

  4. I have watched this drama from the first, I will be sad to see the end of such a great show. I guess we will be subjet to some kind of american crap as usual, their budgets may be much bigger then australia, but there is still no substitute for good home grown dramas. So what if it’s been going for 11 years, if it has the ratings then obviously people watch it, what does that tell you……..

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