Best TV job in the world interviews man from best job in the world

Ben Southall, the man with the "Best Job in the World," has filmed an interview with Oprah.

Ben-SouthallBen Southall, the man with the “Best Job in the World” has filmed a 5 minute satellite interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The ‘caretaker’ of Hamilton Island will be seen by over seven million Americans on her US show.

Queensland Premier (and fast becoming something of a TEN ‘caretaker’ herself) Anna Bligh, said: “Ben recently spoke to Oprah by satellite from Hamilton Island and I know he has been singing the praises of our beautiful state.

“His guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show will be seen by approximately 7.4 million viewers in the US alone and broadcast internationally to an additional 145 counties around the world.

Oprah has been the number one US talk show for 23 seasons and Ben’s appearance will deliver an unprecedented level of publicity for Queensland.”

Since he took up the six-month post in July, Southall has given more than 150 media interviews including the BBC, Le Parisien, CCN, Shanghai Morning Post, The UK’s Daily Telegraph, CBC, Sky News, Germany’s RTL and Israel’s Yedoith.

He won the job following a worldwide search via a competition conducted by Tourism Queensland.

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  1. He actually tweeted about this earlier today…. How long is he contracted to this job? Time must nearly be up surely.

    # Watch my Oprah interview on 22nd October 3pm Pacific time! What an amazing experience 🙂

    # The biggest interview I’ve done goes to air tonight in the USA. Oprah Winfrey no less…tune in people

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