Book em, Danno – one more time.

dannoWell, we loved the theme song but really…

CBS has given a pilot commitment to an updated version of Hawaii Five-0, to be overseen by the writers of Fringe.

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, also wrote the recent Star Trek feature, plus two Transformers movies and Mission: Impossible III. They will create the story while the script will be written by CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov.

Hawaii has been the backdrop for a number of hit series, notably Lost and Magnum P.I., but it is synonymous with the fictional Hawaiian state police department led by Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), it’s stirring theme song and that “Book ’em, Danno” closing line. It ran on CBS from 1968-80.

CBS Studios first took a stab at developing a contemporary take last August with Criminal Minds executive producer/showrunner Ed Bernero, around the same time as The Streets of San Francisco remake was given a go ahead.

Seems they just won’t give up on it.

Good excuse to hear the brass again…

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Not sure about this..

    The original is a favorite but as with other shows redone( bionic woman ,knight rider) a large part of the appeal is the era in which these shows were made and the remakes are almost invariably a huge disappointment.

    I just hope to god these uncreative weasels stay well away from my personal favorite Starsky & Hutch.

  2. Wasn’t the first re-make attempt about Steve McGarrett’s son?

    I assume this one is different to the earlier version……although I think some shows are suited to staying in the past – what’s next a remake of Hawaiin Eye and Surfside Six??

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