Bumped: American Dad, Louis Theroux (this week)

Seven slates a FlashForward replay for Wednesday, pushing Criminal Minds, American Dad & Louis Theroux aside for the week.

american_dadNot so happy with the drop for FlashForward, Seven has hurried a replay of the first two episodes into schedule this Wednesday night from 9:30pm.

That means repeats of Criminal Minds and new eps of American Dad and Louis Theroux are also out (well, Louis was actually filmed in 2000…).

The line up is now:

9:30 FlashForward ep 1
10:30 FlashForward ep 2
11:30 Family Guy rpt
12:00 Hot Auctions

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  1. With these changes tv guide (The AgeGreen guide) was incorrect and so was the internet TV guide I was looking at. So how much of the TV audience knows about these last minute changes to make them worth while?

  2. The ‘Criminal Minds’ episode bumped is part 2 of last week’s great episode, so many people, me included, won’t be happy at all with having to wait another week to see the conclusion… So what if it’s a repeat, it’s still much better to watch than ‘FlashForward’…

  3. It’s not what is bumped, it’s the total disregard that programming gibbons have for the viewing public. Consistency is not a word in their vocabulary.

    It’s smacks of arrogance and absolute disdain for the viewing public.

  4. American Dad goes back to the pilot on Thursday anyway. They will probably just play the new episode then. It would be nice if they could fast track the new seasons of American Dad and Family Guy though.

    It would also be nice if Seven could replay the first two episodes of Mercy somewhere. My PVR had too many conflicts, and as of last week, Seven weren’t playing it on their website.

  5. How dare they fark with my American Dad – if I dont get my Roger fix things could turn nasty. I am so over all this “encore performance” crap. Most have PVR / video and would have seen it in some format should they have wished to. I couldnt recall (but I am sure it would be years) since there has been a program on the box worthy of an immediate repeat, not one of those self-promoting wanks.

    Here ends the rant 🙂

  6. Yet again, Seven has stuffed with the Family Guy and American Dad programming. Anyway, why does it bother me? I have been sourcing these shows elsewhere for quite some time now.
    Boy, Ch7 must really want this show to work.

  7. Well they’ve lost me as I watch Criminal Minds and have no interest in Flash Forward thanks but no thanks 7.

    Anyway isn’t a drop off expected? No point fighting it as it will probably slide even further week by week regardless of the “encores”.

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