Comedy Channel series slims down to special

The Comedy Channel's latest project in development has shifted from being a 13 part series to a single special.

ComedylogoFoxtel recently announced writers Sean Condon and Rob Hibbert, have begun production on I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, a new sitcom for The Comedy Channel.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better won the 2007 Comedy Gold competition at the Screen Producer’s Association of Australia Conference. The project is a behind-the-scenes look at a TV sketch comedy show following writers, producers, network executives and actors.

The project is set to screen as a special on The Comedy Channel later this year with Colin Lane (Lano & Woodley), Toby Truslove (Beaconsfield The Musical & Thank God You’re Here) and international comedian Kitty Flanagan (Full Frontal & UK’s The Sketch Show).

But the project has also seen a number of delays and changes. Originally hoped to screen in early 2009, it has now shifted from being a 13 part series to one special.

The Comedy Channel’s own website indicates, “The Comedy Channel is inviting Australian writers, performers and producers to submit programme ideas for a 13 part half-hour comedy series.” – 14/09/2007

TV Tonight also understands it underwent some recasting in the lead up to production.

At least there are new projects in development with Comedy, which opens new doors via its Comedy Gold pitch with SPAA. Hopefully I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better will be good enough to warrant its full series after all.

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  1. Australian television has made some real stinkers over the years, so a special is probably not such a bad idea. If the show works they’ll have to make more episodes. According to the DVD doco when Seinfeld first began NBC took it slowly and there were only 4 episodes made, rather than 13 or 26. The result was one of the most unique and popular sitcoms of all time. I’d rather networks take their time rather than go out and commission 13 episodes of ‘Double Take’!

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