CSI crossover: trailer

Here's a taste of the triple threat that will take place across Miami, New York and Las Vegas.

fishbAs previously reported, the CSI crossover from Miami, New York and Las Vegas takes place in the US in November across three nights.

Following a single case is Laurence Fishburne’s character, Dr. Ray Langston.

Last year the show had a crossover with Two and a Half Men, which was a tad more bizarre, but possibly close to being a Channel Nine fantasy.

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  1. I’d say Nine will be airing these episodes out of order if they intend to show the ‘trilogy’ in one week – otherwise they’d have to play some sort of catch-ups on the various shows.

  2. Ch 9 stuffed up the episode order of Miami s7 & sunday night’s ep was 7.19, there are still 5 more eps of s7!!. In the States, they’re 6 eps into s8!!. Ch 9 showed the 1st 5 eps of NY s5, & then took it off. But with the original CSI, Ch 9 has the new eps of s10. I’m gald that I’ve bought copies of Miami s7 & NY s5 via Amazon.

    They have just released NY s4 in r4 Dvd format last week!. I bought that 18 months ago!. The r4 format of Miami s6 hasn’t been released here, & I’ve owned the r1 one since last year. It takes a year to 18 months to release certain american crime of scifi shows on dvd here!.

    Eg. Supernatural s4 finished in the states in July this year & was out on dvd in September!. We’re to get it here in January, when the last ep was shown here in August /September!

    Smallville s8’s last ep was seen in the states in July, the Dvd came out there in last month!. Here, we haven’t seen it on our screens & the dvd will surely be out sometine in early 2010. I think everyone here is very glad to download eps after they’ve been in seen on US screens & also have amazon accounts to buy tv show dvd before they’ll eventually get release here or not.

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