Daryl: We are in discussions with Nine.

hhmDaryl Somers has send a message to each member of the Hey Hey Facebook group to thank them for their support and indicating he is in discussions with Nine about moving forward into 2010.

“Just a personal note to say thank you now the dust has finally settled on the Reunion Specials,” he wrote.

“We had more fun doing these shows than we could have possibly imagined. I think everyone is still on an emotional high and rejoicing in the fact that a group of friends could come together after so many years and yet feel like it was only yesterday.

“I was absolutely staggered, but delighted at the viewer numbers for both shows and on behalf of the cast and crew I want to thank you for your belief in us, as evidenced by your joining the Facebook page.

“We are starting talks with the Nine Network and both parties are enthusiastic about a return of Hey Hey in 2010. What form that takes is to be decided but I’ll let you know once an agreement has been reached.”

Somers also noted that he learned the show was not merely owned by Somers Carroll but by the viewing public of Australia. With figures of 2.2m viewers it is hard not to disagree.

It has previously been reported the show is expected to return as a series of specials.

The Facebook group, which has 390,000 members, was instrumental in the show attracting media attention to the idea of an on-air reunion.

Source: Facebook


  1. What cn I say? Yipeee!!

    The best news in Ten years!

    I think I may now recover from what I call the ” great nervous breakdown of ’99 ” !!

    My birthday wish of November 1999 is the same as this year and it finally came true…I have my show back!!

    Congratulations Daryl -you are a legend!!

  2. It would really need to come back as a weekly show if it’s going and survive. It can’t always rely on the nostalgia when many of the people featured in the reunion won’t be back – it has to develop and grow. A special every couple of months is not enough. Maybe a short season?

  3. Unless Daryl is paying the episode costs himself, there’s no way Nine could afford to do this as a weekly show like they used to, as variety TV is pretty expensive and that’s why HH got canned. If it’s shown on Wednesdays for
    2 1/2 hours and would get repeated on GO on a Saturday, I’d opt to watch the Saturday repeat.

  4. Didn’t Karl say on the Today show that it would be returning next year? Either way, it would dumb for Nine to not try this next year. I’ll certainly be watching.

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