Foxtel dates: GO! 7TWO & ABC3

Cable viewers will get GO! and 7TWO at the end of November while ABC3 will be added to all subscribers from December 4th.

GO!GO! and 7TWO will launch nationally on Foxtel cable on November 24th. Updated: 7TWO will be available on Foxtel Satellite in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from the 24th November as well.

The launch date follows Kim Williams’ comments earlier this month that the channels would arrive by late November.

The two new channels will be on Ch 129 and 127 respectively.

By contrast, ABC3 will enjoy comprehensive coverage, to both cable and satellite viewers, nationally from its launch date December 4th (big tick).

Seven will also air to satellite viewers in Melbourne and Brisbane from November 15th, falling into line with satellite subscribers in Sydney (no changes to viewers in Adelaide and Perth).

Satellite viewers have no start-up date for GO! or 7TWO yet.

Meanwhile ONE remains available in SD to cable viewers and HD to cable subscribers who have the IQ2.

Foxtel airs the channels on satellite so long as networks pay the at-cost satellite fee.

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  1. so, will SBStwo and abc 2 (and 3) be live EST feeds into WA like they are now via satelite? abc1 and sbs1 seem to be local feeds, but not these new digital multichannels.

    its great being able to watch the late night sbstwo movies at 6pm WST.

    can foxtelk provide live feeds into WA of GO, 7Two, and while they are at it, other free to air channels we currently dont get?

  2. Cable & Satellite operators should be (by law) required to carry all local stations. For any market, that would be all stations, legacy and the new digital t, and HD channels (so say in Perth Nine, Nine HD and Go!) regardless of whether the service is cable & satellite.

    Foxtel demands that local stations pay “retransmission” costs. But as Rupert has recently pointed out in the US, cable & satellite operators are the ones that should be paying fees to the stations, for the right to carry the FTA stations on their systems – which are the most watched channels on any system.

  3. Hmm, OK so on Foxtel cable in Perth (Adelaide too I presume) we will have 7two and GO!? I can believe 7two will be carried since we already have 7 and 7HD. But is it true for GO! since we don’t have Nine HD? Will we ever get Nine HD on cable in Perth (Adelaide) even if without the EPG (if you have an IQ2 you hunger for all HD programming).

  4. That’s awesome, I just wish It wasn’t so long, wish there was a way to record shows from 7Two to watch later until Foxtel kicks in. Btw, does anyone know what eps of Shortland St they’re starting from?

  5. This is why government regulations come into being..pi**ing contests between corporations where the average consumer misses out. Sort it out Fox & FTA’s (one service for all – not just in Sydney) and stop playing games.

  6. @Smacca – no that is not correct. We have satellite Foxtel in Sydney area and get 7,9 and 10 but not GO or ONE. Cable gets ONE and soon GO and 7TWO but not satellite unless the networks pay for satellite access – which at this stage they probably won’t.

  7. Same with the FTA HD’s (or in Nine’s case, the fancy “Nine HighDef”)

    Foxtel’s risking a churn increase, if satellite viewers continue to be treated in this fashion. I would not be surprised, if Foxtel’s either going to be forced to carry, or the satellite viewers cancelling subscriptions.

    It’s Time… that the FTA’s jumped on the satellite bandwagon.

  8. @Reubot; really i had no idea, did optus even make an announcement as i didn’t hear anything about in the media. a few weeks ago i visited the optus web site cause i was curious if the new channels will also be on optus(i have foxtel) but i couldn’t find the tv section on their website, but at the time i didn’t think much of it. im guessing eventually that they will cut off existing customers as well, i cant believe though how optus can just ignore the media including tv tonight, i remember david saying a while back how optus donsn’t even have a media contact number or email.

  9. @Craig: Why would Austar pick up GO! or 7TWO? Their iQ equivelant (the MyStar) has a digital terrestrial tuner, avoiding the need to carry the free-to-airs on satellite. When the subscriber’s area gets GO! or 7TWO, their MyStar boxes will pick them up.

    @Andrew: Any Foxtel customer who currently receieves 7, 9 and 10 (or at least one of them) via satellite will presumably be able to access GO!, 7TWO and One if or when they’re launched.

  10. WIN should be ashamed that they have not reached an agreement to allow 9’s EPG to appear for cable subscribers in SA and WA. For a company with so much money, they really drag their feet. Its embarassing. Different logo, different programming. Enough is enough.

  11. Apparently Adelaide is not good enough for any commercial FTA to be on satellite, otherwise they would play the addional fee. It would encourage me more to watch FTA if I saw their guide as I scroll though the channels. This site is all that I use to find out what is on FTA. Once I press the Foxtel button on the remote, I rarely press AV to see whats on FTA.

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