Friends farewell Don Lane

DON76~1A small group of family and friends farewelled television entertainer Don Lane at a private and simple funeral held in Sydney at the Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium shortly at 9:30am this morning.

Lane’s plain and unadorned casket, veiled in a black shroud according to Jewish tradition, was wheeled into the Camellia Chapel. Gathered were entertainers Bert Newton, Rhonda Burchmore, Barry Crocker and former wife Jayne Ambrose, son P.J. as well as the executive director of The Don Lane Show, Peter Faiman.

Media were locked out of the service.

The half-hour ceremony featured a private, simple and intimate service with no music, flowers nor photos.

Lane was then buried in the Jewish section of the cemetery grounds.

More entertainers have paid tribute to Lane including John Farnham and Rove McManus.

“Not everyone from overseas has been as welcomed here as Don was,” Nine veteran Pete Smith said. “Don was the same in real life as he was on the screen – totally natural with everyone.”

Smith said he had not seen Lane since his health began failing.

“The last few years had been very hard on Don and those close to him,” Smith said.

“He was in care so unfortunately I did not get to see him. Only a few close friends were able to see him.”

A memorial is yet to be announced.

Source: Herald Sun,


  1. An online memorial has been set up for Don Lane to allow members of the public to leave messages and memories that will be made available for years to come. As requested by the Lane family, donations can be made online to Alzheimer’s Australia through the memorial at

  2. Not sure why they got rid of Don’s Show back in 1983 but those were the good old days over at Channel Nine unlike the garbage we get today from them.

    What Once was the home of Don Lane is now the Charlie Sheen Network.

  3. As it could and should’ve gone on for another 5 years, do any TV experts know why Kerry Packer pulled the plug on Don’s show in 1983 – as in, it was having declining ratings, or it was getting too expensive. Bert replacing him with his own night time tonight show (that I think only went on for 1 or 2 years), wasn’t as good.

    Don was sort of like the Rove of his day, but that’s where the comparison ends as Don was an excellent interviewer (who’d often interview someone for 30 minutes if they were interesting and would even have the interview go on for
    45 minutes), whereas Rove is an abysmal interviewer.

  4. we know of him because he was in the media, but i do respect the family in wanting a private service… a public memorial will probably happen, but 9 did enough last night didnt they?

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