Hey Hey repeats on GO!

hh9Nine will repeat both Hey Hey it’s Saturday reunions this Saturday night on GO!

The marathon/s will air from 6pm – 8:30pm and 8:30 – 11pm.

Nine pulled the first repeat last Saturday resulting in fan fury, amid speculation it would damage the ratings for the second show.

Update: But the repeat of the second show will not include the now infamous ‘Blackface’ sketch.

As a result the Dance Your Ass Off finale and channel premieres of Father of the Pride and Reno 911 all shift to October 17th.

Update: The first Hey Hey reunion will also screen on Nine 7:30pm Oct 17.


  1. Aaron: Not to mention Daryl on the cover, Daryl on the disc, Daryl this, Daryl that.

    But what I would love to see Nine do, is bring out a proper Jackie Mac DVD, incorporating a documentary on her career, from Jackie and All That Jazz to returning to Hey Hey in 2009, (sourcing clips from other places), and a strong line up of extras, including the “Fake” Chook Lotto from the second Hey Hey reunion.

  2. Originally I was going to watch the first repeat of Hey Hey on Saturday before it was pulled. Now I am going to give both repeats a miss (even though the “racist” skit has been taken out). I am sorry but that skit was so offensive and ignorant that it has given the whole series a woeful stench.

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