Hot Seat beats Deal (for real)

No extra share from GO! This time Hot Seat beats Deal or No Deal fair and square. But what's with the NRL Footy Show?

wwtbam22Nine had another win on Thursday, clinching a 30% share with wins by Getaway (1.16m) and new CSI (1.14m).

But its best news was Hot Seat (610,000) defeating Deal or No Deal (594,000). Unlike previous wins where GO! shares boosted Eddie McGuire’s show, this time it was a fair and square win. It follows Hot Seat just 9,000 behind on Wednesday and 10,000 on Tuesday. Ironically, on Monday when it had a $1M question it was way behind. Earlier this week Andrew O’Keefe told TV Tonight the stoush was now about “127 to 3”.

More concerning for Nine was the performance of its NRL Footy Show Grand Final. In Sydney it took a paltry 225,000 and 127,000. Last week, the AFL final took 583,000 in Melbourne (it was an hour earlier, and a much bigger event at Rod Laver Arena). Last night’s show is also copping flak for its comedy stunts which involved handballing baby dolls (referred to on the show as Wendell Sailor babies, they have since been dubbed “black babies”) and the use of a live eel. The eel was even dropped onto the floor.

At the end of the show, Vautin confirmed the show would return in 2010.

Elsewhere last night Glee took 960,000 -but did tops in demos, better than Rush on 944,000. Seven’s Chronicles of Narnia averaged 892,000 across its screening.

A replay of Spicks and Specks (121,000) edged ahead of Junkyard Wars (105,000) on ABC2.

Nine wins its second night of the week from hell, and is now in front for the week. Thankyou Daryl Somers.

Week 40

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  1. Haven’t you heard the saying ‘no prizes for second’? It is great to see Ed and the team to have an ’emphatic victory’ jump from third place to second. Last time I looked 747,000 was higher than both figures. Well done Ten News at Five!

  2. footy show needs a massive overhaul, by having it in its normal studio for the finale signifies that nine is having it on for a token gesture because it has the rights and needs have a weeknight nrl show. i just hope there is no more vossy and matty johns comes back

  3. Seven Brisbane should be quite concerned. Deal is fast becoming stale, Nine identifies much more strongly to the Brisbane audience than Seven – the BTQ-7 50th birthday has been a non-event. Is it time for a “Love You Brisbane’ revival?? Sad too that Seven chose to dump the Austext Teletext Service, and lost viewer loyalty there as well.

  4. @salf, i have noticed that too, and Eddie is constantly telling people they should watch nine news when the contestant gets a question wrong about a current event, as if ninenews is the only news outlet in australia

  5. I tried to watch Hot Seat but the way Eddie belittles anybody who has a outward personality and the way he dags attractive women, makes me cringe.

    Gudinski was “captain comedown” on the Spicks and Specks 70’s special.

  6. @ salf..I agree..even though I like Nine it annoys me a little as well. I’ve seen way too many questions re Nine shows and I only watch it now and then! anyway good to see it doing well as deal is way past it’s use by date.

    Re the NRL footy show it’s just boring plain and simple whereas the AFL one is a riot from start to finish thanks mainly to sam. And I agree it was like a longer version of a normal show.

  7. @salf i caught that R:SO bit too, hot seat should be ashamed. there has been cross promotion for he hey, the apprentice, CSI, farmer wants a wife, funniest home videos, a current affair, underbelly, sea patrol, two and a half men. and that’s just in the last few weeks. and all of them had some form of plug from eddie and explanation as to why 9 is so great. sometimes even written into the question.

    and if the contestant says something slightly negative about the show such as “i didn’t watch it” (which is a pretty standard thing to say) eddie talks over them, corrects them and is sometimes quite rude. it is getting worse by the day.

  8. I found it really odd that The Footy Show’s grand final event wasn’t that – an event. It was just the normal studio show, in fact, even less fuss than i’ve seen in other weeks. It didn’t really have that sense of “occasion” that they have had in previous years. And so many things wrong with Daryl Brohman’s (or however you spell it) use of “black face” makeup to play Fui Fui Bro Bro – just really unneccessary, it’s not like he was trying to make any specific jokes about Fui, he was simply there to do the live cross.

  9. the cross promotion is getting really bad in hot seat. almost every episode now. it is unfair that a person who probably has a lot of general knowledge, misses out on a question just because 9 is promoting a show by trying to make it look like the character relationships of rescue special ops should be known by everyone.

    i personally don’t mind if an actor appears on brekky tv to promote a show or in-house celebs go on a tv celeb competition. but this is wrong. and it doesn’t help that we get from eddie “oh yes R:SO is flying in the ratings, it’s unbeatable at the moment” which is not spin, it is a lie.

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