Idol to welcome Pete Wentz

Pete WentzThere are two more songs apiece for the final five in tonight’s Australian Idol but no guest judge.

Next week Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel Madden are mentors and guest judges on 90’s week.

Then Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy will be guest judge as the final three sing Power Anthems on November 8th, which, clocking in at 2 hours is an awfully long time for three singers.

You can check out the songs to be sung in tonight’s Idol‘s Choice here.


  1. The girl with the hat really needs to lose it (the hat that is)

    Note: Lighting techs should tell her it obstructs the top half of her face, but you’d think someone in production would tell her.

  2. For Everyone’s information, Yes Pete Wentz may only play bass in FOB, but he writes almost all of the bands lyrics. He also has his own imprint of the Fueld By Raman recorld Label. His Label, ‘Decaydance’, includes his own band, Panic! At The Disco, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Hey Monday and The Academy Is…

    Wentz signed Panic! at the Disco before they had written one song, after the band let him know about them, he went to see them them practice and signed them to his label. Also the band Cobra Starship would not exsist if it were not for him.

    So im pretty sure that Pete Wentz is more qualified to act as a judge than some of the other performers Idol has been wheeling out to help its dying ratings.

  3. Fall Out who??? Good freakin Charlotte good lord! I guess they have to appeal to their key demo but it’s a big yuk! from me. At least we had Harry,Suzi and Liza I suppose so can’t complain too much.

  4. The Sunday Telegraph has confirmed that Michael Buble will be guest mentor and judge for the final two performance on November 15, and perform on the finale the week after.

  5. I just love the loose interpretation of “themes” Idol gets away with. Last week was “film and theatre” night with half the performances begging a look of confusion from it’s one (of two, the other being Cyndi Lauper) great guest and mentor Liza Minelli.

    Someone did “Thriller”? What show was that in, did I miss something.

    The talent on this years show is really quite – sorry kids – abysmal if they can’t even manage a show tune properly or see fit to break out of their own style to attempt something different.

    Pete Wentz? “Power Anthems”…there were a few of those last week.

    Can the themes. They’re just a weak excuse for promos

  6. Good Charlotte? Fall Out Boy?

    Way to “mentor” a chart pop act, guys.

    Nothing at all to do with the fact that GC is a Sony BMG property, of course…

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