Insight: Oct 20

ins2Tuesday night’s Insight tackles a hot topic: child sex abusers and the justice system.

The SBS series will host a public forum that asks how does the criminal justice system deal with paedophiles? Amongst the audiences will be judges, public defenders, criminologists, victims and an offender.

While most crimes of child sex abuse never make it near the criminal justice system, how does the system work for the offenders that do get reported?

Most child sex offence cases get heard in the local court where the maximum sentence is two years.

Are sentences too low?

When child sex offenders do get to prison, what treatments are there available to help stop them re-offending? And what is the likelihood of the re-offending when released?

And should communities be given the right to know if a paedophile is living in their neighbourhood?

Insight will also look at the Serious Sex Offender legislation that allows some states to detain offenders after their sentence is served. Should some sex offenders never be released or be forced to undergo chemical castration and constant electronic tagging?

It airs 7:30pm Tuesday on SBS ONE.


  1. Whilst I think the Insight team will treat this subject quite deftilly, for those of you cynical on the way media sensationalises controversial topics, might I recommend checking out ‘Brass Eye’s brilliantly satirical 2001 ‘special’ on this subject, (often referred to as ‘Paedogeddon’).

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