Kirk Pengilly rises first in Celebrity MasterChef

kpA very surprised Kirk Pengilly took out the first win in Celebrity MasterChef last night.

The INXS rocker defeated Indira Naidoo and Josh Thomas, to proceed to the semi-finals. All three seemed very proficient in the kitchen, but the pressure and the timing conspired against them.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. I just don’t think I’m worthy,” Pengilly said.

“Josh seems to be better around the kitchen, and Indira has a lot more experience, so I’m kind of shocked.”

Pengilly cooked up a blackened tuna as his signature dish challenge, which allowed him to choose a bombe alaska dessert made by ARIA chef Matt Moran as the Pressure Test for all 3. The show noted Moran and Pengilly are also friends, but it gave him no advantage with sucha  delicate challenge.

The trimmed down format remained well-produced by FremantleMedia with the 3 judges all handling the hosting / judging with ease, but it faced strong competition from Hey Hey the Reunion.

Next week writer and commentator Peter FitzSimons, Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges, and former Hi-5 member Kathleen De Leon face off.



  1. Like the new format, perfect because its on weekly and not daily. It was good, Im tipping all the big-name celebs will get through though. (Rachael Finch, Eamon Sullivan etc.)

  2. I was very dissapointed, i think the appeal of the original masterchef is that we got to know the contestants, their styles of cooking and their passions. last night was dull and its not must watch tv. also it feels empty without sarah, as it will next year. she was a magnificent host and did her job well, shame. I pray to god that matt moran does not get a permanent job next year.

  3. This was good last night. For people like me who were hooked on MC earlier in the year this serves as a little “taster” for next year’s main series.

  4. Err…I’m not sure whether it’s the editing or what, but somehow miraculously Kirk managed to get the meringue done at the last second? hmmm
    I really do hope that the producers and judges are not just trying to push the big names to the finals. Cause that would ruin the whole spirit of the show.

  5. I was packing my dacks that they would ruin their brand for a “celebrity” show. I was wrong. They stuck pretty much to the original format and the so-called celebrities behaved just like any other contestants. I was pretty obvious this hugely popular show was capitalising on its success with the amount of ads but they weren’t too intrusive. I’ll be watching next week.

    PS who else felt like they were in a time warp channel surfing during the ad breaks to Hey Hey? Same old crap, different time.

  6. Liked the trimmed back version of the show, but only once a week, I think it will lose a bit of momentum.

    Also, as I predicted my myself a few months back, more Coles in show advertising. As if George buys his fruit and veg from Coles!? Plus the show being brought to us by McDonalds!?!

  7. Fantastic return for this show. Was fun (Josh Thomas was hilarious!) and it managed to hold the balance between people serious about food and the fact that they are there for fun and playing for Charities.

  8. I watched this last night, and thought it was very well done. Congrats to Kirk Pengilly – I really loved the look of his blackened tuna signature dish. It was the most unusual of the three dishes served. The pressure test dessert looked glorious, but man, that would have been a difficult one to reproduce in the timeframe given! Well done to the three of them for giving it a go. Gary, George and Matt were as delightful as ever and the three contestants were great.

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