KissChasy wins Channel [V] Oz Artist Award

kcKisschasy has been named to winner of Channel [V]’s Oz Artist Award.

The Melbourne outfit was announced winner yesterday following eight weeks of viewer voting.

They beat out finalists including Short Stack, Bliss N Eso and Empire of the Sun.

“We are unbelievably honoured and humbled to receive this award” said front man Darren Cordeux.

“We’ve been working our arses off over the past eight years to make great albums and put on exciting live shows for our fans and we thank them first and foremost, not only for voting for us but also for keeping us going over the years. As repayment I personally promise Joel will never talk about golfing in any interview ever again.

“No seriously we said if we won this we would host a slumber party at Joel’s place… can we count you all in?”

The [V] Oz Artist Award is in its thirteenth year.


  1. @ itsross: Agreed that Empire of the Sun is an amazing group and probably deserved to win given the nominees. The duo’s nowhere near the most exciting thing to come out of the country in years though: member Nick Littlemore’s other project, PNAU, has been producing better and more creative dance music than EotS for years now, and Cut Copy also runs rings around them.

  2. Additionally, Empire of the Sun are the most creative and exciting new thing to come out of the country in years- but they don’t fit well into the V audience stereotype, so I understand why they didn’t win.

  3. The fact that Short Stack didn’t win give this award a lot of credibility, as hell have no fury like the internet army that represents Short Stack. Can’t believe they didn’t rig the votes.

  4. Excuse me?

    Kisschasy have been working really hard for the past years and has just released their third album ‘Seizures’ which is doing really well with fans and is also going mainstream by the way.

    So I don’t know what this ‘nobodies’ and ‘doing nothing for years’ thing is about.

  5. This is one of the Reasons i don’t take Channel [V] seriously, they give awards out to Nobodies and/or give out thier award to band who have done nothing for years.

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