Mal Walden, improvising with weather.

mw2“Well it seems that we have a little problem…” said TEN’s Melbourne News co-host Mal Walden. “Actually they’ve lied to me, it’s a big problem. We’ve lost our weather man, due to the weather I think. So with what notes I have, which means I don’t have to make it up …well, not all of it anyway, we’ll proceed.”

mwWith a very creative interpretation of the weather, Mal launched into reading the (very long) weather report, complete with gestures, including wetting his finger to test for wind, and motioning the wind moving from the northwest with a wave of his hand.

As he proceeded, Mal let in a few of his famous editorial comments.

“Sydney, where most of the executives seem to be based these days, 25 degrees…..the satellite sequence shows a complete, complex low pressure system….another cold front will be crossing Victoria on Thursday, maintaining a cold south westerly air flow into the next day, which I think should be Friday,” he said.

“And now let’s have a look at the 24hr rainfall chart to give you an idea of where the showers are expected around the nation. See it?”

As he was forced to read more intricate details about wind warnings, he couldn’t help but ask “we nearly there?”

More was to follow with temperatures. But it was the home stretch.

mw3“…Tullamarine 8 – 15, Laverton 9 – 16 and I’m going to go home. Which camera? Goodnight.”

mw4It wasn’t the first time he has been so entertaining with the weather report.

Just brilliant.

Very nearly a ‘phenomenonenon….’


  1. Not a fan of when Mal Walden attempts to do funny. Feels like he tries way too hard. Probably appeals to the Today Tonight/A Current Affair types (ahawhaw).

  2. A prime example of why I not only love Mal, but why he and Helen are class acts. They’re both so natural but speak so eloquently, if I got home from work earlier I would watch them every night but alas I’m stuck with the 6pm bulletins :o(

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