Modern Family, Cougar Town & The Middle picked up

Approval for three US comedies is a win apiece for TEN, Seven and Nine.

cougar-TownAs expected ABC comedies Modern Family, Cougar Town, and The Middle have all received full seasons.

All three shows picked up are part of the network’s all-new Wednesday ‘comedy block.’

The network has had some difficulty with its new comedies recently, but these titles are outperforming the averages last year for Pushing Daisies as well as the drama Private Practice.

Modern Family will air in Australia on TEN while Cougar Town, starring Courtney Cox, is with Seven and The Middle with Nine.

No word yet for its other new shows: FlashForward, Hank, Eastwick, and The Forgotten.

Source: EW.com, Variety

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  1. Modern Family is repulsive.

    Can TV, and prime time TV for that matter, fall any lower? I do not think so. The average American IQ when it comes to understanding foreign cultures and other groups that are not part of the heterosexual paradigm is -20, and this negative score is usually, and sadly, gained through TV since people do not take the time to acquire the knowledge the way it should be done: through personal contact and speech, studying how they express themselves, reading newspapers and literature, watching their films , etc. This show is only helping perpetrate the already existing equivocal stereotypes and, the worst part of all, increasing the already prevailing stupidity of the general public.

  2. The Middle sounds ok but not sure it’ll have the mass appeal of 9s other top sitcoms like 2.5 men or TBBT. Just looking at the ratings for all these shows and ABC must be desperate as they dropped off from already low rating premieres. Cougar Town dropped over a million to under 8m and will likely drop off further. The others did similar. It sounds like a show that wouldn’t go down well with Sevens older skewing audience and will be gone faster then a zyrtec!

    And on PP it’s beating The Mentalist slightly in 18-49 but losing overall by about 5 million.

  3. well wouldn’t ABC be glad they didn’t axe private practice. it’s ratings this week were really good with a big demographic lead on it’s competition which includes the mentalist on CBS. it’s not very often that a show that gets a borderline renual recovers to the point it becomes a network staple.

  4. Good point Craig. I have never watched TAAHM, so I don’t know how crude it is. It’s just that Cougar Town’s premiere was TV 14+ in the US and airs at 9.30 there. The second episode was milder though.

  5. Ten should really consider airing The Office in a primetime slot during summer in double episodes to see how it goes, and then later on next year pair it up with Modern Family. That would be great! Ten, just listen to everybody and put The Office in a good timeslot.

  6. Both Modern Family & The Middle (despite the annoying P Heaton) will be on my to watch list in 2010.

    Don’t think any of them will be big hits here though but you never know.

  7. Nine had a good family comedy in Malcolm in the Middle and they screwed it up. I still think Community is the best of all the new comedies, but it seems doomed with the new US time slot. Cougar Town might not be appropriate for PG time slot on Seven.

  8. I watched the first episode of The Middle last week. Hmm… seems too similar to Malcolm in the Middle, but with the mum playing the lead. Have to let it grow and see if it can stand out from any similarities. Its weird seeing the Janitor from Scrubs in a different role. I have only seen him in Scrubs and a couple of early Smallville episodes.

  9. Modern Family & Cougar Town are great, probably 2 of the best new sitcoms out there. Private Practice has a great season opening ep. FlashForward needs a season pickup just to make sense. Hank was not a patch on Back to You which ended before it’s time. I like Eastwick but again it needs more to get into the story so I hope it gets 22 eps.

    I can see the Nine shows moving to GO! not long after they premier, also hope TEN doesn’t waste Modern Family as it has a similar feel to it as The Office. And I how Seven doesn’t kill Cougar Town.

    Lots of new TV out there but once again locally we get but a fraction of the best stuff.

  10. I think 9 will be hanging out for a good family comedy like The Middle – I can’t see this being used on GO! and with the success of 2.5 men, will fit nicely in their schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try V on the main channel first before deciding what to do. Eastwick….if the US doesn’t renew, straight to GO!

  11. Ten is the real winner here as Modern Family is the best new show of the fall TV season. However Cougar Town is no where near as awful as it should be, and The Middle is a surprisingly funny surprisingly sweet show… especially seeing it stars the usually awful Patricia Heaton.

    I’d bet money though Ten waste Modern Family in some god awful time slot like The Office, Seven will pimp Cougar Town within an inch of it’s life and Nine will never show The Middle and instead give it a Sunday night marathon on Go!

  12. And funnily enough, all 3 networks look to lose out with the axe hovering over Castle and Trauma on Seven, Three Rivers on Ten and The Forgotten on Nine. V and Eastwick won’t do Nine any favours either.

    As far as new shows go Ten looks like the one with the most potential this year (The Good Wife, Modern Family, NCIS:LA). Seven really lost out with their development deal with NBC, they should cut their losses and cancel it when they get the chance.

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