NCIS: LA & The Good Wife win full series

TEN is getting a good hit rate on its newest acquisitions with two shows winning a full series.

ncis-los-angelesGood news for TEN with CBS deciding to pick up NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife.

So far NCIS: Los Angeles is the most-watched new show of the Fall season, although it’s Australian debut faced off against stiff competition.

The Good Wife, which TEN has the rights to is the second most-watched new series. The legal series starring Julianna Margulies pulled 13.7 million viewers. David Mott recently told TV Tonight, “It’s brilliantly done. We have the two best one hour dramas in our view. It has political scandal and sexual scandal. I haven’t decided where that’s going…”

Added with Glee, it gives TEN a good hit rate so far, while The Vampire Diaries (GO!) and Melrose Place (TEN) received orders for additional scripts. Expected to win pick ups are ABC’s Modern Family, Cougar Town and drama FlashForward.

TEN is yet to slate a repeat for last night’s NCIS: LA, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will surface somewhere.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter,

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed the first 2 ep’s of NCIS: LA
    The format is totally different to NCIS, which is good for both shows and Chris O’Donnell is very easy on the eye.

    I too think it will rate much better now the H H shows are over.

  2. Starter’s Wife – it’s a pity TEN hasn’t shown the series yet.

    Heroes – I’ve seen 2 eps so far for this chapter and both were great but I guess Seven will hold off until 2010 to bring it back, just like Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy, both having solid return eps but by far the best return (IMO) was Private Practice, great opening ep.

  3. @ Russell: Starter’s Wife (mini-series) did okay for Ten, so it fulfils the attractive-to-females checkbox, and it’s crime related, so that also gets a big tick. I’d say it’s a decent fit.

  4. @Jerome: I’m praying that NBC grants a reprieve on Parks and Recreation, as its become a great show in its second season (the burger toss scene alone had me losing it). I was happy to hear about HBO picking up Bored to Death for a second season, as it’s a great show, albeit for a very niche audience. As far as Dollhouse goes, it’s actually kinda interesting to see just how viewers are abandoning the show en-masse. No chance in hell it will live to see another season (and yet all the Whedonites will be calling foul for years to come).

    @Craig: Ten has had Three Rivers pegged as one of their big new shows for quite a while now, so much so that they must have dropped some decent scratch to have Alex O’Loughlin do the personalised ads for them.

  5. I think TEN needs to start steering away and branching out from their traditional demo. Whilst GO isn’t about to break their bank they certainly are encroaching on their space and it makes sense for them to broaden their appeal. The Good Wife being the smash it is would be a fantastic way to do that!

  6. Slate repeats of Celeb Masterchef, NCIS:LA and NCIS on Saturday from 8:30 so the schedule should look:

    8:30 Celebrity Masterchef Encore
    9:30 NCIS:LA Encore
    10:30 NCIS Ep 2 Encore
    11:30 Dexter

  7. I do hope NCIS LAs figures are up now that Hey Hey Reunion is done and dusted. Its a top show and will only get better from now on. NCIS the original has been the most watched fall show of this year, didnt it get the new record of almost 21 million viewers or something ridiculous like that?

  8. ten have been quite lucky so far. i really hope mercy gets a full season. it really is on the bubble. but it’s really good, my favourite new show. and i think NBC could really build it up if they tried hard. NBC don’t have much else with trauma, heroes, and parks and recreation likely to go.

    others expected not to be renued/underperforming at this point are:3rivers, old christine, gary, cold case, the middle, eastwick, forgotten, hank, Til Death, Dollhouse, Brothers, and Fringe

    i would not be to upset if most of them went.

  9. Good on TEN for picking 2 winners even is the new NCIS has had a rough start up against Hey Hey but one question with Three Rivers getting such bad ratings/reviews why aren’t they showing The Good Wife instead?

    BTW Modern Family and Cougar Town are great new sitcoms.

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