Nine News twittered by seagull

A wayward seagull upstaged Nine News presenter Peter Hitchener when it wandered in front on the live camera overlooking the CBD.

hitchNine News in Melbourne got itself an old-fashioned version of Twitter tonight when a seagull decided to drop by its new live camera overlooking the CBD.

Presenter Peter Hitchener had to hold back the chuckles while reading the live bulletin as the bird walked right across the screen.

“It was so funny,” Hitchener told TV Tonight. “And because of the camera angle it looked huge!”

Although he saw the wayward bird, Hitchener says the subject matter of the story he was reading precluded him from acknowledging it.

“It would happen to fly in during a serious news story, and I could make no mention of it. Everybody else in the studio behind the cameras was falling about laughing,” he said.

“It was the funniest thing, but I had to keep going.”

It wasn’t until after the sport that the team could make light of the moment.

For the record, Nine News already has a more conventional Twitter account that’s a lot easier to handle.

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  1. Haha! This was made into a voiced-over story at the end of WIN News Hobart tonight. Just like Cameron (10:26pm) said for Adelaide’s Nine News, it wouldn’t happen down here either. A shame because seagulls are already pretty big in Hobart. 😛

  2. It should have been with Mal Walden. He regularly makes the news funny and that would have been a killer laugh. I just think they may need a camera that zooms out when they appear. Or just say apologies for the background but a sea gull is lost and landed on the skype cam!

  3. I don’t think I could have kept such a straight face like Hitchener did. I would’ve probably said something like, “Holy crap a giant bird!” And then I’d probably just lose it and giggle uncontrollably for the rest of the report.

  4. hilarious??
    geez it was a bloody bird!
    whoop de whoop!

    and the fact that news ran it like someone just died, since they can’t do an ounce of journalism, shows just how stupid the media is in this country!

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