Nine pulls Hey Hey repeat

rfThis won’t go down well at all…

Channel Nine has issued a rare weekend programming amendment this afternoon to indicate Hey Hey the Reunion will not be repeated tonight.

That’s likely to incense a lot of the fans who were singing Nine’s praises this week.

Instead it will play the movie 50 First Dates at 9:30pm instead.

At this stage there is no explanation as to the reasoning behind this.

A lot of fans had planned on watching the show a second time, and there were plenty who heard about how successful the show was and wanted to catch it tonight. Some viewers even held off the Wednesday special to enjoy the show on Saturday night, its traditional home.

A move this late only reiterates why viewers have been so alienated by Nine programming and shun many of their new programmes. Many TV Tonight readers noted the Hey Hey reunion was the first time Nine had stayed on their box in a long time.

UPDATE: After breaking the news on Nine’s cancelled Hey Hey repeat, TV Tonight can now reveal Nine will replay both specials some time after the second reunion. A Nine spokesperson did not give any reason  for tonight’s replay being withdrawn.

Update: The Herald Sun says Daryl Somers asked Nine to remove the show from Saturday’s schedule.


  1. Watched the repeat of Hey Hey with a continuous smile, it is a top show, love it; I wanted to see mainly this untalented American ‘artist’ squirm on the ‘gong Show’.
    FU channel 9 for cutting out the ‘second act’ on the Gong Show.
    Instead I listened to an untalented American pr**k castrating a classic song and gurgling his own version; ironically the songs title is ‘ Don’t go changing’.
    He didn’t like the ‘black’ shoe polish!! Does he rather prefer all these movies & TV series coming out of the US of A, where killing is the main object? Bloody hipocrit!!
    And you d**k-heads at channel 9 fell for it? FU all !!!

  2. hey! I loved your reunion! It was a Crack up! Hope you never go of air again! Im only 10 but your show is my fave! Only 1 word to say……………Excellent!

    (P.S please read my message out!

  3. Not happy with Daryl Somers and Channel 9 for pulling the repeat of the Hey Hey Reunion because I really wanted to see it.
    Well I hope they’re planning on repeating it soon.

  4. What is it with Nine lately?Humphrey Only exists as repeats and a game show of close to thirty years gets the chop for a cheaper US Import which is nothing more than a 21st Century Male Version of the Nineties Australian Show My Two Wives.

  5. What’s strange is that 9 have two channels… ‘Nine’ and ‘Nine HD’… surely they could have played 50 first dates on one and the hey hey repeat on another!

  6. Kevin V Russell

    I missed Wednesday night’s edition due to work commitments. Channel Nein owe everyone a huge apology for this stuff up. I can only assume this was an accident. They couldn’t possibly have done it deliberately.

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