Pick-ups for Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place.

The CW Network gives The Vampire Diaries a full season, and crosses its fingers with Melrose at 5 more eps.

vampire-diariesMore greenlighting in the US for new dramas, this time from the CW Network.

The Vampire Diaries has won a full season, although Melrose Place have been given five additional episodes, instead of the usual nine.

Vampire Diaries gave the channel its biggest premiere and has remained a consistent performer for the youth-oriented network. In Australia it is currently airing on GO! on Monday nights, last week averaging 140,000.

Melrose Place, which TEN owns the rights to in Australia, has had a trickier debut in the US. On the back of disappointing reviews it has also struggled to bed in with viewers. But Heather Locklear’s return to the address is imminent and the network appears to be hoping she can lift its fortunes.

Lord knows if anyone can, Amanda Woodward can…

Tuesday night’s a bitch.

Source: Variety

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  1. The Melrose show won’t last in the long term and it’d be expensive having Heather on, so I greatly doubt if she’ll become a regular.

    For Ten to show the painfully dull 90210 and Melrose, Can West need to sell it and the new owners set up a 2nd channel like GO, as I doubt both shows will generate enough ratings on their standard channel.

  2. Well This is something Ten hasn’t thought much of and that is when the Good News Week finishes for the year bring back 90210.As Much as we all like a light entertainment show on a Monday Night It is not something you can show all year round.

  3. Stephanie Jacobsen is the least of the problems at Melrose. Ashlee Simpson has to be the worst actress on TV! (American TV). Kill off her character and i guarantee the ratings will rise.

  4. Craig, 10 has ‘no immediate plans’ to air Melrose.

    And luckily, Heather’s on board for atleast 7 episodes so we won’t have her disappear as quickly as the returns of Jo and Jane.

  5. Question is would be if Amanda’s return would be the blessing Melrose needs.

    If nothing else it better be better than Jo’s return in the latest episode which I found disappointing.

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