Returning: 10 Years Younger, Bumped: Momma’s Boys. Gone: Style by Jury

Seven makes late night changes on Mondays. Plus some repeats for Mercy fans.

fmSeven has made a switcheroo to late nights on Mondays that will see Style by Jury dropped immediately.

Instead it will return 10 Years Younger in 10 Days to the 10:30pm slot, trailing out of Mercy.

With a wedding planned and a fiance waiting, primary school teacher Sharyn O’Brien is desperately in need of help. Can Fiona McDonald and her team of experts bin Sharyn’s bad dye job and reinvent her in just 10 days?

Momma’s Boys moves back to 11:00pm.

Monday October 19
10:30pm 10 Years Younger in 10 Days
11:00pm Momma’s Boys
12:00am Special: Outback O’Bourke

Meanwhile for Mercy fans there are repeat eps of eps 1-4 at 2pm Monday-Thursday next week in place of Murder She Wrote.

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  1. Are Ch7 still producing new episodes of this show? I would dearly love a makeover. Have recently gone thru breast cancer and lost a lot of self esteem and confidence.
    I live in WA

  2. How do you apply for this show? Besides the stylist, it is helping women with their confidence. My mum received horrible dental work when she was younger causing her to have very bad rotten teeth now.. She’s struggled in life, having mothered 3 children on her own (my brothers both having different dad to me, and he only stuck around for 2 years and never helped out) Financially she struggles beyond belief and i would give anything just for her to have the confidence to smile without her hand over her mouth. She has had a very hard life, even when she was little. Then my brother struggling with extreme bad drug problems and the hardship has definitely wore her down with her physical appearance. She never feels good about herself anymore.. and i just hope someone can change that. Thankyou. 🙂

  3. This show would be great except the stylist Ingrid spoils it Every time! She has no taste at all and never picks stuff they would just feel comfortable and sexy in… Eeew! Replace her quick her outfits make me sick!

  4. Wow. The stylist on the NZ version of this programme is so bad its frightening. These poor women who put their dreams in her hands are obviously devastated at her choices. She has no idea of style, colour, age appropriate clothing or fashion sense….None. Where on earth did they find her? Poor NZ..we are left with an established sense of dismay at your horrendous choices. Everyone else has the clients best interests at heart…and note that every time there is dissatisfaction voiced by the client in terms of the awful clothing…it is coldly suggested that she is being “difficult”. Pathetic and offensive stylist.

  5. The NZ 10 years younger in 10 days is so bad I turn over each time.The NZ accent which changes E for I and I for E is so bad they will never get on the world marked until the schools in NZ start teaching the people to stop this silly way of talking. The word Head becomes Hid Skin becomes Sken and the worst one is when they had the home renovation and they tried to say Paint the Deck which turned out to be Paint the Dick. I think you get the idea

  6. Damm – Momm’s Boy was ridiculously stupid on Monday night and it was quite addictive – the best example of car crash TV for 2009! You know you should not be looking but you just can’t stop.

  7. Wow the Kiwi version of 10 Years Younger is so bad! I can’t believe Seven’s bringing it back, although if IRC it was rating well in its late night slot before it was pulled off the schedule. The show’s hampered by ugly intertitles, poor production values, annoying stylists (especially the bloody fashion woman), cheap sets and the makeovers aren’t nearly as dramatic as in the Aussie version (generally a grooming and styling makeover only, instead of the cosmetic surgery bonanza of the Sonia Kruger version, not that the Aussie version of the show was any good either).

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