Returning: Criminal Minds, Bumped: Mercy, Momma’s Boys.

crimmdSeven is returning a new season of Criminal Minds to screens from next week.

It will air at 9:30pm Monday, pushing new US medical drama Mercy back an hour to 10:30pm.

Criminal Minds will return with “Faceless, Nameless” the first episode of the fifth season. It guest stars C. Thomas Howell.

Last night Mercy took 648,000 from its FlashForward lead in of 1.29m. It was beaten by The Apprentice Australia on 823,000 and Little Britain USA on 656,000.

The switch also means 10 Years Younger in 10 Days (NZ) is now out, with Momma’s Boys airing at 11:30pm. Last week Seven also dumping Style by Jury from Mondays last week.


  1. It is disappointing they got rid of the Old My Name is Earl and How I met your Mother lead in’s to Family Guy and American Dad.People in the evenings want laughter not some bloody crime shows.
    All these shows to is glamourise Crime.

  2. Great, clashing with ‘Ashes to Ashes’ on the ABC, but I’m happy ‘Criminal Minds’ is back… Btw, guest star is C. Thomas Howell, not ‘Thomas C. Howell’ 😉 …

  3. Nothing wrong with watching Good News Week.

    Given how crap the SBS rubbish between 8:30 and 9:30pm is with some boring documentary I don’t find myself with much other choice.I became a fan by default after getting fed up to death of those overdone repeats of South Park.

  4. Hey David wouldnt that be the Criminal Minds finale in June not last year. Or around that time. Great news about Criminal Minds but Seven have screwed up their entire schedule.

    This is what should of happened a month ago.

    Sundays: As they are now but should have been a couple of weeks earlier for Bones and Castle
    Mondays: Flash Forward City Homicide
    Tuesdays: As is
    Wednesdays: Criminal Minds Criminal Minds (r) or Trauma since this show is going to be dead anyway
    Thursdays: 7:30pm Amazing Race 8:30pm Beauty and the Geek 9:30pm Mercy

    They should have held onto Ghost Whisperer till next year.

  5. just realised that CM on Mon completes the jigsaw so now from Sun-Thurs there is a crime procedural in every single 8:30 and 9:30 slot on atleast one commercial station.
    Mon 9:30 was the only one without until now.
    Sun: bones, castle, and CSI:miami
    Mon: mentalist and CM
    Tues: NCIS and Lie to Me
    Wed: CH, CM(R), NCIS:LA, NCIS(R)
    Thurs: CSI and Burn Notice

    it’s was never any use for ch7 to invest to much into rebuilding Mercy, is is likely not to be picked up for a full season, and if it is, it is only because NBC has no backup plan and will surely not be renewed for a 2nd season. but hopefully 7 will play out the remaining eps at 10:30.

  6. Being on at 10.30 is better than the fate Ten gave Three Rivers. Not a bad idea, Harry, Mercy after Rafters. Always thought Mercy was an odd choice to put after FlashForward. Seven will have to heavily promote Criminal Minds so people know it is on.

  7. it’s a shame Mercy hasn’t taken off, it is a really great quirky little show, great actors, great writing. but in a country where 2.5men can be the top show of the night can’t say i’m surprised it’s going to 10:30.

    what a waste of CM, maybe it will just be one or 2 weeks of new eps? 7 are in quite a mess now.

    i was thinking maybe TAR would air twice a week instead to catch up with the US that would rate better than mercy and wouldn’t be too much of a loss.

  8. what’s the point? its not like they’re gonna play it during summer, it’ll be on for a month and be taken off again. 5 or 6 eps, what a short season! unless they play eps on wednesdays too, to catch up.

  9. Stupid! Criminal Minds is an 8.30 show! I can’t believe they’ll waste this at 9.30. New episodes of this were hitting 1.5 million earlier this year! Flash Forward is on its way down in ratings anyway.

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