Returning: Mythbusters

mythbusters_25Mythbusters is returning to SBS on Saturday nights, kicking off with a Young Scientist Special screening on Saturday, 24 October at 7.30pm.

In this episode Discovery Channel Young Scientist contenders join the Mythbusters team to put some green myths to the test.

Adam and Jamie are joined by Brandon to test whether an electric car is more sluggish that a gasoline-powered car. The testing involves building an electric go-kart before heading to the professional track to compare the performances of electric and gasoline powered motorcycles and racing cars.

Do increased CO2 levels cause accelerated ice melting? Former Mythbuster Scottie Chapman joins Tory and Young Scientist winner Erik for The Great Ice Debate. The trio set about building greenhouses and ice sculptures to put this myth to the test.

Meanwhile in Cattle Calamity, young scientists Catherine and Alyssa get dirty with Kari and Grant to find out if cows truly are the single greatest air polluter. Together they collect cow manure, courtesy of a dairy farmer, in order to extract methane to power a lawnmower.

New episodes of Mythbusters will continue in this time-slot on Saturday evenings.


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