Returning: Satisfaction

17Spicy local drama Satisfaction returns to Showcase on Tuesday December 8th at 8:30pm.

Season 3 sees the return of Kestie Morassi (pcitured), Madeleine West, Alison Whyte and Dustin Clare, who are joined by Renai Caruso and Camille Keenan as two new working girls, ‘Tess’ and ‘Amy’. The two are from vastly different worlds, and according to publicity notes, ‘set to act act as lightning rods to the balance of life at 232.’

The 10 x 1 hour series will also include support roles from Grant Bowler, Robert Taylor, Shane Connor, Todd MacDonald, Nathaniel Dean, Sophie Lowe, Asher Keddie and Damon Herriman.

Guest appearances include Kate Fitzpatrick, Heather Mitchell, Linda Cropper, Alyce Platt, Tottie Goldsmith, Danielle Carter, Kate Jenkinson, Maya Elliott and Georgina Naidu.


  1. Has Tippee’s murderer returned to the surface to target Ami?? Usually predators like that get caught so the police are probably watching, waiting outside 232 for the next time Tippee’s murderer strikes again on some one else at 232. Nat wants to get in on the sex act like the other girls who work as a sex worker getting clients pulling her own weight also for her own sexual stimulation and satisfaction to satisfy her own sexual hunger. Being the employer of all the girls at 232 Nat feels at if she’s isolated being stuck behind the office desk day and night. It must be pretty tense for Nat missing out on all the fun. No wonder she’s loopy. Some one who is on Nat’s wave length like Lauren should offer her sympathetic understanding support for Nat as a woman to woman communication. No point in leaving Nat out of all the sexy fun and games just for being an employer for 232.

  2. 7TWO and Go! would be rise to buy the FTA rights to al these quality drama series from pay networks:

    Love My Way

    Would give them some Australian content for a low price, so their skeds are not dominated by US fare. And would give more Australians the opportunity to see the series.

  3. @ Tess I would much rather this stunning drama stay on showcase, I don’t have subscription tv anymore like I did back when the first season of this aired but I anticipate the DVD releases, it is such a terrific little show; I’m in the middle of Tangle now, and it too is a showcase drama.

  4. At first I thought ‘oh no not another good show at 8:30 on Tue’ but then I saw the date and most of the competition will be on hiatus by then.

    Can’t wait for the girls to return.

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