Returning: Trawlermen

twmIt’s not quite Deadliest Catch, but those Scottish fishermen are back in a new series of Trawlermen, on SBS.

The series again sees the fishermen in Peterhead, Scotland, is a tough gig. In April this year one of the stars Kevin West was swept overboard and was never seen again.

It is winter and, with force 11 storms expected, the fishing fleet is safely in harbour, except for two boats.

The Ocean Venture’s young skipper, John D Buchan, has a point to prove to his dad, and he is ready to sail all the way to the coast of Norway through the teeth of the storm to make it.

On the Arcane, 20 miles off the Shetlands, another father and son team, Charlie and Charles McBride, have debts that leave them no choice but to take on the weather.

Back in port, Jimmy Buchan faces a gamble of his own, as his trawler Amity has suffered a massive engine failure. Can he get her up and running before his first mate, Kevin, and the rest of the crew jump ship?

It returns Friday, 6 November at 7.30pm on SBS ONE.

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  1. i am a fisherman on the east coast of qld. australia about to buy a new 20 m vessel for prawn trawling and scallop trawling could who ever this email goes to contact the producers of trawlwerman or deadliest catch to contact me there may be a new show in the waiting from the start of operations.
    regards ron forster

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